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    I plan on starting a new gladiator character tomorrow (I should have enough sp to buy a gladiator weapon) and I was wondering if anyone would like to pick a (realistic) name for my character. The person with the best name will receive...well absolutly nothing . Also do you think I should learn Tridents, Whips, or Cestii?
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    Wild shots...

    Decubitus ("lying down")

    Occide ("lay to it!" i.e. attack!)

    Bronto ("thunder") or Brontobellatorius ("thunder warrior")

    Cypridus ("the venereal disease guy")

    Amychus ("scratcher")

    Proctamychus (Ha, you figure it out)

    Infanaphagus ("baby-eater")

    Collumdurus ("roughneck")

    Percidus ("excessive killer")

    Hey, never took Latin and won't dare stand by these but they should be close enough.

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    Originally posted by Miriam He's like some kind of politely intelligent alien who might kill me but is still fascinating to study.
    Originally posted by Syrona Pallidus is GREAT. He reminds me of a nice old grandpa, which is the effect I think he is trying to send
    Originally posted by Japes You people have sick minds.
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      Go with Bronto and make him a trident wielder


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        I like Percidus... You can call him The Percilator in the arena.

        I always thought cestii were cool.
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          Character names

          The site I use to come up with character names, for TEC and for novel as well, is:

          It's an incredibly inane numerology site but it has the most extensive list of unusual names I have seen on the internet.
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            Heh...Terra is a roman name. Go figure...

            Teek should've been named fits her personality better! Well...almost completely. Fits my personality alomst perfectly, too. That's why my username everywhere is always Terra.

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