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how did you find TEC?

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  • Fat losers are going to be fat losers whether they have a half hour of gym time or not. The lure of the twinkie is more than the lure of the push-up.



    • Unless, of course, the push-up is of the frozen treat variety.


      • What are you trying to say?

        I think I know already. I'll just check though.


        • Me? I was talking about this.


          • I heard about the game from PCGamer and started an account for a bit. I came back later, while it was still on the Big Network.

            I made Exit and she was hunted down and beated by a mob led by... crap, what was his name? He was the first big map maker Istarn or something like that.

            Adronicus (SP) and Darkraven saved her while they were trying to find a way to set her on fire.
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            • I started playing about 7 or 8 years ago when a buddy of mine chaos introduced me to it. I think it was much more addictive back then.
              [Difficulty: 45 , Roll: 100]
              In an impressive show of strength, you wrench away your iron cestus from a man in a hooded cloak and send his razor-sharp iron scylesca with an engraved handle flying!
              You are no longer busy.

              You take a razor-sharp iron scylesca with an engraved handle.
              You put a razor-sharp iron scylesca with an engraved handle in a black doeskin large sack.


              • I'm casting Life2 on this thread, just for the Schitzengiggles.
                "Bulimia makes me vomit."

                "I like my coffee like I like my women, ground up and in the freezer."

                Wombat responds from afar, "Consider them thwapped."


                • I was in a IRC chat room in 2001 wasting time making bots and scripts when someone asked me if I wanted to try some awesome game. I made a spearsman who was beaten silly for taking a fumbled weapon then i knew this was the game for me.


                  • memories...

                    Thats funny I never posted in here... must have been on a hiatus from TEC or something in 2005...

                    I found out about TEC from my cousin who was visiting from Seattle... this was in Aug '99... I had just turned 13 a couple weeks before and honestly had no idea what to do in a MUD, I think I was using an old Packard Bell with a whopping 16 megs of ram and maybe a 200 or 300mhz processor at this time... haha

                    Anyway I can't even remember my first experience ingame really, but I do remember having a conversation with my cousin about having a hard time selecting a character name. He told me, just do what I did and take a common word and just add "ius" and if you dont want to do that just take a roman god or something and add a letter. For some reason the story of icarus flying too close to the sun came to mind. The rest is history...

                    At some point I did think it was funny to make Nicarus a drunk and make him have bar fights and fall over a lot. God I cant count how many times I was arrested in the beginning for fist fighting my friends in Pego's and in front of the Toga. I remember making friends quickly with Maxis and Josephina since they were fellow clubbers... and back in the day when we only needed one attack move, I sat staring at the (somewhat shorter, then) club skills list in Cassius' shop and thinking, Smash sure sounds strong... I'll go with that.

                    Damn I wish I would have bought a hooded cloak for 500d when I had the chance... X_X
                    Ephaelion says to you, "I can just picture in my head the grandmaster brigand locksmith spending days jamming repeatedly one such coffer, thinking 'They will all pay when they open it and find only a sen inside'"

                    Danasei says to you, "What is this reference to a flower other than daisies!? I DO NOT LIKE IT."

                    An urchin with tattered large sacks on his arms runs through the area, clutching a flint-tipped spear yelling, "Rue! Rue! Rue!"


                    • This question poses a long story, I think everyone can relate to long stories.

                      Back in the day, I was a sound engineer/technician for an event center in a certian town. I had several groups of friends, all of who smoke a bunch of bud and drank....a lot! One group was the work enviroment gang, who I saw almost every day. If we weren't working the music, theatrical, or sporting gigs, we were making them. The biggest parties in our town...we provided. Another group of my friends were the collegate, technicrats of my simular profession. These guys partied with a book of some sort in their laps. Then you had the splat....a group of up an generation cool cats learning from the best, who just happened to be us. An interesting thing happened in my life when I fused all of it together marrying a woman of another walk of life. Raised with a silver spoon, and sheltered, she spawned out in her high school rather destructively...yet inspiringly. For those who know her...I'll not go into her story, and those who dont....sorry. But of all our groups we became a nexus of social dignitas in an urban underground. A mom and dad to the derelect and grunge. One day an electro-technica beatnick friend of ours came to my house. He had a backpack, and a beady eyed smile.
                      In our house he flopped down on the couch, and opened his backpack. My highschool buddy was there, and my wife as well. I think the guitarist of my band was there as well, but I can't recall. My wife was cronically inclined, and had spliffs already prepared. I think we failed our quest for LSD that day.
                      But did manage some mushrooms. Now back to the beatnick...who fumbled through his backpack and pulled out a bunch of books, finding a place to stack the pile on the coffee table littered with everyone's fountain soda cups, and ash trays. Would you believe me if I told you there was a vase on that coffee table too? He said he had something for us to do. And he pulled out a notebook, and passed out a book to everyone in the group. Looking at my book, it was labeled RIFT's, an rpg book loaded with all sorts of information about a section of the gameworld. We all spent an hour plotting down our characters, and the beatnick technocrat pulled out papers to launch our first campaign in the game. The game lasted all night. We wiped out minions of an army, took out a dragon, all that fun stuff. For months after that, we passed the campaigns around from people to people.
                      After some time, our lives flourished with computers. And when we finally got online on a machine that was internet worthy, my wife searched for RPGs. She found a bunch of games that were pay to play. We really didn't have such an income. Then she found TEC. She tried it out, and she was instantly addicted. She really had that kind of personallity. She started out her main, having named her character after her RIFT's dragon char named Taskyavik. Soon I had to see what the hell she was doing up so late for. I checked the history of the browser and found The Eternal City on it, a lot. As I clicked I found it was a RPG. I started playing the game shortly after. She coached me on the specifics of the game, and soon Phister was born into the world of Midlight.
                      Now, for those who don't know Taskyavik player's's a sad one. For the whole of it, I guess you can assume mine was a pretty sad one too, considering I was married to her and shared it. I cannot go any further into it than that. After TEC went to Skotos, I left, really not wanting to pay for a subscription. Phister had been playing maybe one year by then.
                      10 years down the road, I recalled a time when I was doing something when I had nothing to do. Remarried, and in a craphole of a town on the edge of a burnout...I needed to do something. I looked into the game again. By this time, the world was different. I have half a dozen computers, game systems, kids, cars, all on a plot of land roughly the size of a convenient store parking lot. And I have a little more money now than I did back then. I can afford to play. And in comes Phister! Ready for the GM's to spank. I had really forgot how to play. I guess I played him for a month, and then put him aside for a bit of review, then I created a new char to re-learn the game. Now I can't seem to get off my alt, because he's doing so good.
                      So that's my long, long, story. Beat that! Sometimes, when a game crashes for 10+ hours and counting, you have time to show the world who you are.


                      • Originally posted by Palewhite View Post
                        I was apart of a large wave of kids from a school named Trinity. This was back in late 97 or early 98 and continued into the end of the next year. I'm not entirely sure what happened to all of those OOC bastages, every last one of them... yes. But, I seem to be the only one left from the school.
                        I think there are still some around that wern't from the school but from the city that I lived in, but I don't know if there's any more than one or two. The school kind of alienated eachother and we were all scared to tell the next person who we played. All this was realized after they killed me and one other guy for no other reason than not liking us at school. The GMs said it was ok. This was out of 30 or more people playing. Not just from the school, though, the city aswell.
                        I can't remember if I was part of those OOC Bastages. I probably was. There are still like four or five of us playing from Trinity. Most have graduated from college and have real life jobs now. Shit's crazy.


                        • My RL best friend got me started, He played Anauj Iram, but Kerck ? killed him.... lol.... I began playing when he told me to at school in the... 6th grade along with our mutual friend, who still plays today, BRUDOX.


                          • Trinity Catholic High School. I don't think anyone still plays


                            • My brother and his friends got me playing a little back in '99, Safety Bay SHS. Then spent 10+ years getting a weekly nostalgia fix every year or so. Started played more at the start of 2016.


                              • It was 1998 ish and I was doing some research on ancient rome. Through the magic of Altavista Search Engine (might have been ask Jeeves...) TEC popped up. I remember getting involved, threatening some dude with my mad gladius skills (rank 1) and being amazed at the depth, amount of interaction, and incredible PvE combat system.
                                Nothing much to say.