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Attn. Newer Players - This is bad.

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Attn. Newer Players - This is bad.

    If anyone didn't notice, some posts get deleted.

    This can be for a lot of things. This thread is devoted to list such things, and other things that players need to know. Focusing generally on what not to do in the forums.

    Linking to one of those browser online sites that give you a link and tell you to give it to everyone. If someone new clicks the link, you get some kind of points, ect, ect.

    Don't do that. The skotos and TEC mods have said time and time again not to do that. So...don't.

    Don't post it in someone elses thread, don't post it in a new thread, and don't even have it in your signature. Its not permitted.

    Why am I posting about this? Because this happens all the time. Expecially with newer players that didn't bother to read all the ToS, or are not aware that this isn't acceptable. Some people have never posted in a forum before comming to TEC/Skotos. No one starts playing with all the information you'll ever need. So newer players, keep this in mind.

    This thread is a 'sticky'. The players are responsible for listing things your not allowed to do in the forums, just as a refference guide, since the ToS are generally skipped when making a new account. (Which is bad! Read them!)
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    This seems like a reasonable place to discuss forums etiquette.


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      Originally posted by Bactrian
      This seems like a reasonable place to discuss forums etiquette.
      I want your opinion on the "What does it smell like" issue. Feedback, feedback!
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        Also, using curse words is bad. No one will say anything or even take note if you use the occasional bad word that you hear on prime time television, but excssive use of those kinds of words, or any use of the "real bad words" will usually get your post deleted. If many people do it in the same thread, the whole thread could be deleted. And most threads are worth keeping around, so although you don't have to be overly polite when posting, try not to use offencive curse words, as skotos games are played by many 13-18 year olds, and TV already does enough damage

        Note: Severe offences, and/or multiple ones could get you banned from the forums altogether, so kepe that in mind.


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          Posting links that go to things like pornography are unacceptable. If you post a link to a video or a website that has some offencive content, but not based off of said content (like pornography) then make sure to add something like "WARNING - Not for vewing at work. Contains <somethng bad (i.e. foul language or violence)>."

          That way you don't get into trouble, and you don't inadvertantly get someoen else into trouble.

          For example, if you wanted to post a link to a funny internet cartoon, but it has some foulish language in it, be sure to put a warning next to it saying so.

          Also, it helps to put what the link is for. If you just put "warning: bad stuff" and a link, and someone thinks its a funny picture and clicks on it, only to have foul language spew forth from their work computer's get my point?


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            All this stuff applies to what you put in your signature as well.


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              I love the way you're making an insane amount of sense lately Gix. Never one to judge that anyway, but good for you. *applauds*

              Couldn't find it, but if someone is willing to link the Terms of Service for the forums here, I would be grateful.


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                And generally, your arguments are more likely to be listened to, if you phrase your discussion in civil terms, avoiding personal insults.

                In fact, purposeful flaming and personal attacks usually are deleted by the GMs.

                Oh, and can lead to your account being banned from the forums.
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                  If you feel you cannot resist correcting someones grammer or cannot help saying something negative about/to them, may I politely remind you that the forums do offer PMs and they would be the best and most discreet form to use. I see no reason to involve the whole playerbase in what should be a personal or private matter. I strongly urge the use of Private Messaging.
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                    And if you have something positive to say, say it right here in the forums, don't hide it in a PM. That generates a positive feel for the whole forum, and that is a good thing. If you read soemthing nice, even if its about someone you don't know, your much more likely to have a good day, and help others have a good day as well


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                      Providing avatars or other images in your signature can be interesting; however, offering excessively large pictures (of pixel size greater than that of the thread view), or animated pictures that bear more than ten seconds of animation, is particularly impolite. For the first, it is because it makes scrolling, as well as viewing posts in the thread a bit of a hassle. For the second, it slows down viewing time, by eating bandwidth. This may not be much of a problem for those on broadband connections, but for those using dial-up or wireless connections it would grow particularly troublesome.

                      *By the way, I like this thread. Thank you for creating it, Gix.
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                      Originally posted by xiaozh
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                        Hijacking threads

                        Refer to Taking a thread way off its subject is known as hijacking the thread. Don't do it. It sure is funny though isn't it?
                        Originally posted by Isle1
                        Next time you think about starting a thread ask people on IM's first to see if it isnt a retarded idea, because that was a retarded idea.


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                          The above post is a prime example of a very bad post. It brings nothing to the thread's topic, its negative, and insulting not only to the original poster, but to everyone who has actually contributed. Please refrain from following his example.


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                            Advice #105:

                            If you are going to post a somewhat intelligent post, you should be sure to use good grammar, or else, you're going to look like a complete idiot.

                            youre - you're
                            hes - he's
                            intellegent - intelligent
                            grammer - grammar
                            its - it's

                            Advice #106:

                            If you want to get your side of the argument across the board, you should try to put up a well phrased structural text that is easy to understand. The usage of punctuation and phrase syntax is highly recommended.

                            Advice #107:

                            Never listen to Nookie420/Gix.

                            Advice #108:

                            Isle is the forums jackass.

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                              Originally posted by Huisden
                              Advice #107:

                              Never listen to Nookie420/Gix.
                              You know you just asked them to ignore this thread?

                              Also, if you find a post that is insulting, be sure to report it. A Board Moderater will be able to see the situation, and modify the post. However, do not over abuse this. PMs will usually send a better messege to the person. Just don't make them condescending.



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