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[For Laughs] Events your mother wouldnt go to...

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  • [For Laughs] Events your mother wouldnt go to...

    Had an idea, post Events that you would NOT have happen...and would be funny to see if it were an actual event.
    Use the same format as events currently!
    Also, to limit confusion, set the date as a day that has already past, so people dont think that you are ACTUALLY posting real events.

    [Event] Thieves Guild: Get together at the Toga!

    Sunday, April 8th, 12:00pm EST

    Come on down to the Stone Toga for friendly faces, fun stories, some palming, and fine drinks! Bring your favorite sharpened sen for Sharpened Sen Secret Santa! There will be plenty of tips, tricks, and hopefully no constables!

    RECRUITS: Be at the Toga at 11:30am EST SHARP for setup. If youre not there, your late! And if youre late, we're fingering you to the constabulry!

    Also, if you cant make it, Slip that certain someone a note, and 10 talents as penance for not showing up!

    Remember, Friday, April 13th is Guild Due Day! All Guild Dues are due by close of business! So get out there and get working!
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