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  • Commissioned Character Art!

    Hi folks - I am a long-time CM player, and I hope you don't mind my intrusion for this "commercial" post.

    My highly-talented daughter, Lucy, is open for commissions for digital custom character art, in hopes of pumping up her coffers for college. She's gonna be an art major, aiming at a career in game design, so yes, I'm not just bragging undeservedly! Also, check out that Tumblr account name - Cthulucy - is she not deserving of our support?

    Commissions range between $5 and $100, depending upon the complexity and refinement of the final artwork. You can check out her commission page here:

    Contact me in game or via PM if you're interested, or contact Lucy directly via her commissions page above!

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    This brings back so many memories of doing avatar art for people on Gaiaonline.

    I miss those days.

    I would so commish Cthulucy (because that name is just so freaking awesome, and so is her art), but I has no monies.

    I'd love to see the works when she's done!

    Can I make a request?

    She should draw Rubico.

    (Hint: Drawing a man on a piece of paper then lighting it on fire is perfectly acceptable.)