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    I have never written a description for my own sword before. I have spent all my RP's on attribute increases. I find now that I cannot come up with a descriptive and concise custom weapon and would appreciate a brainstorm.

    How would you describe Sting in such a way to fit the game world? How do you put in words what the Green Destiny looks like without adding to screenscroll?

    How long should a custom weapon's short description be? Ho esoteric are the adjectives used to describe it? Do I need to explicitly say the metal? Can I get away with a simple description like "Aeqularis walks in wielding a broken half of a gladius" when the weapon it means actually functions as an excellent quality retalq dagger?

    I'll be thankful for any thoughts on the matter.

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    Pretty sure ita limited to 8 word not counting words like 'is' 'a' 'an' 'the'. You also do not have to list the type of metal in thr short description. So you could have a 'short thin bladed gladius with a silvery blade' or something like that.
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    Hypnoticus and I remember a time when those that wield tridents were gods among mere mortal men.


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      You're overthinking it!

      But then, I overthink item alterations and custom items, too, so who am I to talk.

      Originally posted by xiaozh View Post
      How long should a custom weapon's short description be? How esoteric are the adjectives used to describe it? Do I need to explicitly say the metal? Can I get away with a simple description like "Aeqularis walks in wielding a broken half of a gladius" when the weapon it means actually functions as an excellent quality retalq dagger?
      Not too long? You've seen custom and altered items around. Keep it about as long as those, or just go for whatever you feel is reasonable and submit it. After you submit your @request, you'll get feedback from the GMs if it's not suitable. So if you submit something that's too long, they'll tell you so, and might make recommendations for a shorter brief description or leave it to you to revise. Similarly if it's something wildly unreasonable, not in keeping with the time period, spammy, inappropriate, or whatever, they'll let you know what the specific issue is and ask you to rewrite it. I tend to be verbose (or hadn't you noticed?), so I inevitably have to go back to the drawing board a few times. No big whup, at least not for me--hopefully Cyradis doesn't hate me for it

      As for the language--the adjectives can be as esoteric as you want, I suppose. That's really more of a stylistic thing and I doubt anyone would fault you for trying to be precise in your choice of words. I will say that there is something a little cringey, in my mind, when I encounter writing that sounds like every word was run through a thesaurus to find a "fancier" synonym. Given the limitations, I try to aim for precision more than anything else.

      I'm pretty sure you don't need to specifically mention the metal, though of course if you want it to pack the same relative punch that boison would (as opposed to say, tin) then you should mention in your @request that it's a boison sword even though the metal isn't mentioned in the description. The type of material, of course, will have an affect on the IG cost of the item.

      Simple descriptions are fine. I *think* what you have in your example would be alright, though it might be odd or cause issues to have a knife whose brief description describes it as a gladius (albeit a broken portion of one). Then again, don't denizens wield shards of glass? Idunno. Submit it and see what they say!

      Ultimately, my recommendation would be for you to just sit down and describe what you're picturing. If what you wind up with is WAY too long, then prioritize the key bits you want people to pick out right away and reserve the rest for the long description. Then if it still seems a touch too long, maybe try to find ways to whittle it down. Then consider whether the words you've used convey the image you have in your head precisely enough. Revise as necessary, submit, and see what they say. They won't say "NO, NEVER" to something that's actually pretty reasonable, at worst they'd say "this could work if you make this little change."

      Just for fun, here is a very, very old custom weapon request I made back in the day, complete with asskissing, when the GM handling such requests was Dawn. She, um, declined, but it just goes to show you that the very worst that can happen--with a truly outlandish request--is that they politely say no.

      From: Dawn
      To: Yuval
      When: 1:52 pm, Monday, April 01, 2002
      Subject: In reply to your ticket filed on 4:03 pm Sunday, March 31, 2002
      > I'd like to make a custom item request, but before i do, i just
      > want to remind the staff that magic does exist in midlight, so
      > anything that might seem unlikely through standard technology
      > might still be possible through the use of magic. Did I also
      > mention how wonderful the GM staff is, particularly Dawn? She's so
      > great.
      > A sleek, eerily smooth spear made entirely of clear crystal
      > encasing a solitary vein of bright molten lava.
      > This spear is peculiarly devoid of the slightest imperfection on
      > the surface. Running from the tip to the butt of the spear is a
      > dimly glowing vein of lava. A sunburst has been etched into the
      > butt of the spear.
      > [Id prefer if this spear gave off the same amount of light as a
      > glowing candle, but its not entirely necessary.]
      > Dawn is so nice and special. We're all so very fortunate to have
      > her on the GM staff.
      > Thanks.
      > Yuval.
      > Loc: Meeting Room A ($misc_places_3765)
      > Coord: 40,-20,1000500

      *grunt* Yes, there is magic; however, not something like this, sorry.


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        Speaking as someone who gets tapped occasionally by friends to help with descripts, I can say that it is very much to personal taste what your item might be. BUT you should be considerate of other people, too. Excessively worded short descriptions (especially with weapons or armor) are spammy to those around you. (Edit: There are certain things, such as faceplates, that *require* you to include certain words. So keep that in mind as well.)

        Yuval had most of the pertinent points outlined in his post. My advice is that you come up with a minimal short description that accurately highlights the details in the long descript. Don't be afraid to get creative, but try to keep it realistic as well.

        If all else fails, write something out and submit it. Cyradis is good about giving suggestions and feedback. You can always ask for input, if you are unsure.
        In the end, it is really up to you.
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