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Risk vs. Reward in the Alleys

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  • Risk vs. Reward in the Alleys

    Maybe my rose-colored glasses are too thick, but I still remember when this was arguably the best hunting ground in the game. There would always be at least half a dozen people camped out every night, and every morning newbies could be spotted picking corpses clean for some extra denars. More often than not, the alleys would be so full of people that the coastal alleys would even have a decent amount of people roaming.

    Then it was decided they were too profitable a hunting area, and the leather armor was removed. Instantly, it was a lot less worth it. Further, now many spawn based on the total combat ranks of the people around. So if you're a lower end fighter hanging out at the north intersection, and there happens to be a top end fighter at the south end, you can expect that the thugs/brutes are going to put a serious hurting on your poor toon.

    It's easy to get ganged up on in the alleys, and then it seems once they get to around 20 HP, they'll run away instead of fight to the end like damn near every other NPC in the entire gameworld. If you can't finish 'em off when they're retreating, they're usually gone. This makes the alleys more difficult to solo, as it cuts into the profit margin significantly if you're not able to efficiently kill 100% of them before they can successfully retreat. This is harder to accomplish with weapons that don't have a knockdown/sweep built in.

    This was a great hunting ground for fighting humanoid opponents, especially for those on the lower end of the spectrum, but something needs to change to make it a little more profitable. Either reduce the risk slightly or up the reward slightly. What do you guys think? Is anyone happy with the current state of the alleys?
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    The alleys seem fine. Stack them drunkards up. It's not about the coin, it's about the blood!

    Stick to the ludus if you're a low end fighter like me. There's net mending, flour milling and salt scraping for making coin.
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    Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
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    The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


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      I wouldn't even consider the alleys a viable training rotation. The risk is just too great with any character that might be in the range of skill to fight there. Making coin from the alleys is definitely NOT worth the small amount you can gain after a LOT of effort.
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        Remove the skill skewing for high tier characters and make it the same skill level it was originally. Someone just out of the ludus should be able to solo without too much effort, or unless two brutes get on them. Keep the income the way it is as well, low. Anyone over 3k ranks should get pretty much nothing out of training, and wouldn't be worth it for the coin either. but for those with 750-3k ranks, this would be an ok hunting ground if you don't want to go all the way to franlius or the treehouse - but won't make near as much money as those either.