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    Originally posted by Kjel View Post

    When it comes down to it, the small player base justifies changes.
    This is excellent.


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      Think is NOT an ooc tool, and people who think that it is an ooc tool are those same people who think it's alright to use social media or instant messengers to co-ordinate activities in game. Think is absolutely an IC tool

      In fact, you can and will be punished for using think as an ooc tool, all thoughts must remain in character.


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        Think was turned off because people would rage after getting arrested or would just spam thoughts or taunt other players knowing that no one could come hurt them.
        Fighting was stopped not to prevent training, but to stop the number of PKs that were happening when someone got arrested while knocked out.

        The early years of TEC heavily favored criminals and made it enjoyable to play as one as well as play against and with them. Players who didn't focus on combat, didn't like how hard it was to track down, contain and punish the characters, so the GMs gave law enforcement and even non law enforcement, tools to fight back thus swinging the power all the way to the other side. Even the handling of punishments in TEC makes it seem like being a bad guy is a choice they don't want you to make, locking two different characters away in practically dead areas of the game world is kind of lame no matter how you cut it. I give a ton of credit to the players who don't auto delete when sentenced to exile.. it's like a lesser form of PK or "nowhere".

        Originally Posted by Herdias86
        [Success: 5, Roll: 58] You step forward, grasping your retalq axe in one hand tightly and lifting it above your head, before striking downwards in a powerful blow aimed at a gladiator! Critical Hit! Thrust to the face leaves a gladiator bleeding profusely from the cheek!
        Originally posted by ArchMagi
        your chopping motion turned into a straight thrust, cool trick that.
        Troll Fail level OVER 9000!

        Originally posted by glenh
        True, and i guess it could kill my character if i argue too much with you.
        Sooooo much win!


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          Smaller player base, in my opinion, justifies looking back at some of these things. Nothing to actually "play" in jail with no fighting, little-to-no use of street smarts or setups, or ability to think. If we're worried about PKs, a quick fix would to block the use of the kill command while in jail. If any attack commands can be stopped, the use of kill can as well. When one of my characters was locked away for months at a time by someone with a grudge who didn't want to schedule a trial, my only hope was to stash bread over and over and over. Real fun. Or the occasional friend that I'd have to IM to come talk to me through the window so I had some interaction.

          I'm torn on exile. It should be technically possible for one of the characters to sneak out somewhere, incurring a larger punishment (probably a PK) for getting out. But you find a way by the guards and it's "mechanics abuse". Give people the option to risk their lives and sneak back in or out. I remember sneaking in and out of town when someone had it out for me. Was fun as hell and scary. But at least I had the option.

          My least favorite law enforcement mechanic is the soldiers at Vet Road. If you have a warrant, you can't escape any direction, no matter what you do. Only place I've found IG where you can't do that.
          <Tivan thinks aloud: No offense, I'd rather take it from behind by an eyeless humanoid from twilight...guess I'll get them myself.>

          Haggard squeaks to MindThrasher, "My only regret about lanc that Kjel was at the toga.."

          Fidellus whispers something to Lucarnes.
          Carefully reading his lips, you make out the words "I liked it, but I have a thing for blondes in catholic school girl skirts

          A woman in a slinky red nightgown flirts to you, "Bears are repulsive."


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            Allow people in jail to think again, it fixes itself. It sounds like we're forgetting 'think' has a fatigue penalty associated with it. Turn off any bonus fatigue recovery in the cell, and if that's not enough go as far as to implement a larger fatigue penalty.

            Criminals will get to think again, but not that much. Win win for everyone.
            Originally posted by MrSelfDestruct
            I thought it was just a rumor that it was all number-crunching and competitive training in a game with no logical endpoint since characters are ostensibly immortal and can always get better.

            You mean it's true?
            Originally posted by Phwoar
            Maybe I'm just becoming some tea-sipping hippy, or maybe I'm sour because my main uses cesti, but, why sacrifice a character idea for the sake of some hypothetical edge in some imagined combat situation in the distant future?
            Originally posted by Elowynn
            Rupert is like the Snowden champion of TEC.


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              It's really hard to separate OOC vs IC punishment, but I think they do a decent job of it in TEC. As a player, you can always log into another character without penalty. I mean if a criminal started banditing and ended up with the consequence of getting PK'd, wouldn't it be a similar situation? IG actions forced the player to entirely lose their character? Sometimes IG consequences also suck OOCly.

              Originally posted by Rupert View Post
              Criminals will get to think again, but not that much. Win win for everyone.
              Seems like a fair enough balance. Maybe double or triple drain?
              A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome says to a ram in Cineran, "Oh yes, hit me now, you bad bad bad sheep."
              A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome is stunned.
              A ram bumps roughly into a woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome with its head!.

              “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think.” - Steve Jobs