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  • NPC Buyers?

    I've recently started playing some TEC, after playing for a little bit many years ago. I'm going through the newbie process of scavenging, skilling and selling. However, finding out what NPC shopkeepers will buy things is still a bit of a mystery. I've been updating the wiki at with some of my findings, but I've still got a few random questions.

    For example, what can I do with all my gull feathers? The junk dealer isn't interested.
    Also, I picked up some sashes and was wondering if there is a specialised place to sell clothing, other than the junk dealer? Where do apprentice tailors sell their wares to make a profit?

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    The carcass buyer, at the Northwest part of town, buys most animal parts. Also, outdoorsmen will buy feather to use in making arrows. Most new tailors sell items to order from the consignment shops spread around the game world. Otherwise, most clothing ends up at the junk merchant as far as I know..


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      Thanks. Caprarius the carcass buyer wasn't interested in the feathers, so I figured there must be another use.


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        What about fish? Anywhere that buys them?


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          you sell fish at the fish market in Monlon.


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            You can also sell fish to Polonia in the Harbor.
            This isn't a bakery. We aren't gonna sugar coat sh*t for you.

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              Thanks Kalandra, that is useful to know. My char hasn't tried venturing to Monlon yet - sounds intimidating.