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Station I Constable Recruitment, Year 283

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  • Station I Constable Recruitment, Year 283

    Station I, Iridine Constabulary. Station I is now opening recruitment for Year 283. All interested are required to place a vellum containing:
    Your full name
    An outline of Skills
    Reason for joining
    You need to fill this out on Vellum only. Place it into the polished and engraved wooden box to apply properly. Just inside the Constable
    Headquarters is where the box is located. Be warned, this recruitment will be harder and tougher, those serious about being a constable
    should only consider to apply. Station I also reserves the right to refuse any application without reason. Good luck everyone.
    Constable Lieutenant, Station I
    Founder of Diamond Eye trading company.

    Kyrah pauses.
    Kyrah's mouth forms the shape of an "O" as she stares at you for several moments.
    You hear the clear tone of a loud horn from someplace far away to the southwest.

    <Aux-chat> Scolve: Like the difference between "if (cheese is 'smelly)" vs "if (fromage is 'has_odeur)"

    A fellow player has given you Kudos! Reason: "Beacuse I cant even PP when youre online without being nervous as f@#$."