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Dont vote on TMC! Instead, share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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  • Dont vote on TMC! Instead, share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

    Want more players?
    Share on social media.
    Want more interest in the game?
    Share on social media.
    Want devs to get more money for better stuff?

    Share this game on social media!

    Who uses The Mud Connector anyway?

    Do me a favor. Google "free online game"

    4 pages into the google results, NO mention of tmc.

    Now, google "free online roleplaying game"

    Look, let me tell you the answer: SQUAT

    Now try pay to play online roleplaying game"

    Not there either!

    What does this mean? This means TMC doesnt work to really bring in new people! google free online mud game
    Then magically, you get TMC to pop up. Yaaay.

    Who we were 5, 10, 15+ years ago, and the technology that we have is radically different. Its too easy to find graphically immersive games. Cheap computers nowadays can handle basic free to play games. Who would search for games without graphics these days? Hardly anyone. Come on, we can download powerful games onto our phones for free, and play those to our hearts content.

    We need to get those people who would be interested in trying this game to come here. There are people I went to middle school and high school with who I never thought would ever do "X". and they do "X" now.

    Now that we are beset by worldly burdens of jobs, kids, wives, husbands, dogs, neighbors, its time to escape to the fantasy land:

    The Eternal City
    Spend your night after work in far away ancient, fantasy Rome!
    Combat gladiators!
    Hunt in the forests and plains!
    Take boat trips to far away places!
    ***And other stuff!

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    This is actually fantastic advice. I'll also say that while I see less of it on Twitter now at least the TEC Facebook page does see some activity. Even "liking" the posts will increases the chances that someone you know will get curious and if not try it at least ask you about it.

    We don't need more MUD'ers, like you'd get from TMC, we need more people who COULD BE MUD'ers.