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Adding a "How-To" start playing to wikidot, maybe homepage too

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  • Adding a "How-To" start playing to wikidot, maybe homepage too

    I read somewhere that someone was having issues getting their husband to play because navigating past creating an account is difficult. Can we add a series of pictures, like below (but better) to both the wiki and the page?

    Like a

    Brand New?
    Click Here to See How to Create An Account and Get Playing Fast!

    When they (the hordes of new people) get there, they see a series of slides like below, which tells them with pictures how to deftly "create an account", pay or use the free features, and get playing.

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    You know what kind of website I want to see dedicated to?

    A Chargen Build Guide...

    IT tells you what each choice gives.... like, Spindly body form = speed, coltish body form = agility etc etc..

    That would make rolling good chars for newbs easy.. who wants to start off all spread out like a jackass, with fairly good everything.


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      if i had a premium account and the time to do it, i would, but no can do...


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        It's just a game man, a role playing game, make a character, it's not like you're playing Yezrah7 in text form, play what you get, and improve it as the character ages, or don't. Loss of a character isn't the end of the game, it's just a chance to play a different character.