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Marneval's Maps...Outdated? How to update them?

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  • Marneval's Maps...Outdated? How to update them?

    Hi all, I noticed that the Venerable Marneval's Maps seem to be out dated here and there. Does anyone know the program he used to make the maps, so that old maps can be updated or what not?

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    MS Paint, and a lot of copy and pasting.


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      I updated the Rock Valley map recently.

      I also created a QH map in Marnevel's style, which took forever.

      I used SnagIt, which has a few extra features that paint doesn't have, but it was still extremely tedious.

      I started updating some other maps (Iridine, RV surrounding area, Western grasslands, etc) but got bored before finishing. Not sure if I'll pick it up again at a later time. There are always so many more tiles than you think there are... Good luck to you if you plan to give it a try.

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        Do the RV outside the town and you would be my hero, I've walked around there and get lost constantly, people are like do you know where xyz is, I go eh no
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