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    Like Lime, I had the chance to take part in the program before as well, and agree with what he said. Our hands were bound far too tightly at every attempted storyline. There was no shortage of ambition on behalf of the SG's either, most of us had our own little rooms just full of carefully crafted NPC's and ideas just waiting for a green light that never came. The best change that ever happened was allowing the SG's to play 'key' characters within org's in hopes that it would radiate out into the game world. It amounted to little more than getting a lot of peoples hopes up for roleplay we had no power to deliver on.

    It's also true that we weren't taught how to play priests or patricians, or really anything. We did have access to certain parts of the lore though, and if an SG was willing to put in the time there was more than enough there to fake it pretty damn well. A lot of the confusion came when what we read and portrayed didn't match up with what GM's had told players characters like that would behave in the past. There wasn't a lot of consistency in this department, and led to a lot of frustration on both sides.

    Like was said earlier, the idea was good on paper, in practice the people in power had no desire to let go of any kind of control, regardless of whether or not it took some of the weight off their shoulders. Unless this has changed, I can't imagine the results would be any different if the program was reintroduced today.
    Originally posted by MrSelfDestruct
    I thought it was just a rumor that it was all number-crunching and competitive training in a game with no logical endpoint since characters are ostensibly immortal and can always get better.

    You mean it's true?
    Originally posted by Phwoar
    Maybe I'm just becoming some tea-sipping hippy, or maybe I'm sour because my main uses cesti, but, why sacrifice a character idea for the sake of some hypothetical edge in some imagined combat situation in the distant future?
    Originally posted by Elowynn
    Rupert is like the Snowden champion of TEC.


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      Originally posted by isgrimnur View Post
      Nah Felisin, was just curious really. Kinda tired of bored people deciding to go bandit is all really. Playerbase small as it is, more bandits ingame just going to lead to more people leaving.
      I'm such a different person than you and archmagi...

      I never felt like IC banditry or crime or even just plain jerks, were a reason for quitting TEC.

      I honestly got addicted to TEC because of the underground stuff, and the combat, and the adrenaline rush of about to be knocked out by someone who you think is going to loot all your stuff. I've been at the receiving end.... Yea it sucks losing your stuff, but who really cares? Just train without armor for awhile and get some more. I never cared much.

      I notice you people don't like it, so I thought when I bandit, I'm just going to knock people out, rummage their sack, and take coin out like the NPC bandits.

      I've set my mind like 100% to do this, so that people like you don't rage quit.

      I've never felt the desire to quit because of being attacked.... And regarding jerks. I always liked the bandit characters in game, and criminals, more than the constables.

      Constables have a bad attitude, and bandits are usually pretty easy going. Constables have the law on their side, so you can't attack them back, and they abuse their power just like RL cops. I"m not complaining, that's just Life.

      But... anyways....

      If i could get my will done on skotos...

      I would take a COPY/PASTE of TEC.... and put it on another server, and call it TEC HARDCORE.

      I would remove stat skills, and I would put faceplates and masks in the shop for dirt cheap, with an open PK system.

      I would remove wielding in the city law, and bring it back to the early days of TEC.

      I would give players the choice of a private cell, or an open cell with many people in it.

      If they choose the open cell.

      brawling is allowed in the jail cell, and for you to make shanks, or clubs out of things smuggled around in the prison and let people fight or train in there and it would be completely lawless. ( sounds like a heck of a lot of fun....)

      I would remove the constables slowing you down when wearing a faceplate.

      And see how that game does.

      I would have a great time in there.


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        Originally posted by yezrah7 View Post

        I would remove the constables slowing you down when wearing a faceplate.

        This does need to be removed from the game and NPC Constables need to be toned way down or even non existent.
        Tale responds from afar, "Decided to give out t-shirts to all the people I murder. Three so far. This way you can all say, "Tale murdered me! .....and all I got was this stupid t-shirt!!""


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          Also, can we raise the ranks of player NPC Rogues and Bandits? to like 100 in everything?

          Because, rank 50 just doesn't cut it anymore.


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            Originally posted by yezrah7 View Post

            Constables have a bad attitude, and bandits are usually pretty easy going. Constables have the law on their side, so you can't attack them back, and they abuse their power just like RL cops. I"m not complaining, that's just Life.
            You can also look at the terrible balance of law enforcement characters to criminals. Seems everyone is a constable these days. Add in the Legio that always seems to be roaming around inside the city despite no jurisdiction. Many of which walk around with NPC soldiers. Lordy, what abuse. Maybe Legio should be allowed to only operate in Vetallun or in Fran.......

            Then there are the long prison sentences and endless conversations about how boring jail is with no RP potential. Constables must be bored too because I've seen them arrest people for a sharpened coin.

            I say all of this to highlight the inbalance. It's stacked in favor of law enforcement and with the mechanics to stop you in a plate...again...bandits.

            One crime org got dismantled, another is told they can't do anything ouside of their turf despite no ability to draw people into that part of the gameworld.

            <Tivan thinks aloud: No offense, I'd rather take it from behind by an eyeless humanoid from twilight...guess I'll get them myself.>

            Haggard squeaks to MindThrasher, "My only regret about lanc that Kjel was at the toga.."

            Fidellus whispers something to Lucarnes.
            Carefully reading his lips, you make out the words "I liked it, but I have a thing for blondes in catholic school girl skirts

            A woman in a slinky red nightgown flirts to you, "Bears are repulsive."


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              Well, according to TEC Wiki... you can start your own organization for 5000 rps and that can be split between players.

              I'm going to try to make a brigandry organization; but we don't loot people's gear entirely, we only knock them out and take what they have in their sacks.

              I think i can talk my three friends into it, and maybe wait until we find a few more, so we pay less rps each to start this organization.

              But what sucks it, In city banditry is practically impossible; they can look for constable and draw one out of a crowd, on every pace, on every public road, at all times of the day.

              There is no where in the world with a constable every place. In the old days in TEC.... I don't remember ever having problems with NPC constables in the city, unless they were posted there.

              We use to pick fights with people at the Toga. I want that stuff back.

              But yea... you get auto slowed down while wearing a faceplate in the city.... with 0 chance to dodge or evade it. I think that's stupid.

              Sadly, my character and my friends characters are all setup to for city banditry; with ss and setups for city stalking...

              But the current mechanics are so strong against us; that we're just going to do forest roadside banditry.

              The city sneaking and stuff, is just for fun, and we'll probably use it to do a few hits and stuff, until our neck is on the line to get in big trouble with the law, then we'll get out of the city and go bandit once we've hit the threshold of.... yea it's about time to be beheaded.


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                two things, first the auto slow down, was put in place to help people avoid getting warrants for accidentally not opening their faceplate after a rousing game of stabby mcgee in the designated areas combat is allowed, because people complained.

                Second, the cost to create an organization is free, 100% free, just do it, the 5000 rps version is to get an officially sanctioned guild, with welcome room forum, and gm support. Which, a bandit guild of three people wouldn't get.

                You need to have a minimum amount of people, hold weekly meetings to demonstrate activity, and other stuff...
                You don't need an ooc forum for a bunch of bandits, as grouping together in an ooc manner, to jump people is already accomplished via who scumming, and out of game messenger services. (both against the rules of playing here) and also really ooc, so I don't want you to have it.
                You really don't get anything else for forming a guild. Yes there are a couple criminal organizations already, and another one wouldn't harm anything, but you don't need to get official recognition for it. (I also doubt you would, since you're trying to form a group of enemies of the republic, and the republic doesn't sanction their enemies?)


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                  Someone is living in the past too much...its 2018, time to evolve...
                  I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.
                  Steven Hawkings


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                    The term is adapt. Evolution takes generations, an individual can't evolve, but an individual can adapt.

                    That being said, what part needs adapting to? And what method would you recommend using to adapt to this new time period?


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                      what does the republic have to do with sanctioning guilds? Did the republic sanction the B.C. ?

                      I don't get what you're talking about when regarding the republic and making a guild official... what does that have to do with anything?

                      and, just because I said I have 3 people with me in my banditry future.... (obviously if there is a minimum requirement for an organization to start, then I would have to get more people to meet the minimum requirement) which is a given.

                      You're such a pooper Arch Magi.

                      A banditry organization, that recruits all bandits; offers a few secret hatch doors in the forest able to be accessed only by bandits with a password (and they're secret, so no one can see them in the room) would be fun... having a small place in the forest where all player NPC Bandits start.... would be cool... and the player bandits can hangout down there... armor up the player NPC bandits, and give them training.

                      we just knock people out, and take the coin from their sack like npc bandits.

                      That sounds fun for me, and for the player base because they wont cry about losing all their gear.


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                        i feel like TEC is turning into castle marrach..... combatwise.

                        slowly but surely.


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                          members of the bandit org get one free use of an NPC bandit per week and 50% discount of cost for ones after that.


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                            I don't mind people going down this road; this is supposed to be a sandbox world. Edit: I would like to see org support and, if that is going to happen, changing the forest mechanics. Make it like 0.0 in EVE. Gloves are off. End Edit. I would recommend posting your own events and trying to generate content focused around your character if you want to walk a different one though. You can submit your own events
                            Nothing much to say.


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                              Originally posted by Matt View Post
                              members of the bandit org get one free use of an NPC bandit per week and 50% discount of cost for ones after that.
                              woot matt 123