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  • The Tile of the Day!

    I know a lot of us pass to our destinations without a second glance, but this gameworld has some beautiful and poetic descriptions throughout it. I figured I would try to start a daily, "Tile of the Day!" thread to encourage you to look around and, if you find something interesting, post the tile description here. For example:

    "A slave sullenly paces a treadmill. The treadmill rotates a rope around pulleys attached to the top of the colonnade to the east. A few small pails are attached to the rope and at the bottom of their journey they fill with water from a pool. The rope carries the filled buckets up to the top of a colonnade that runs to the east. At the top of the journey, the pails are upended, and the water empties into gutters that run along the top of the colonnade to irrigate the hanging vines. The containers return empty to the pool where they are refilled and lifted again. A sloping marble amphitheater sits directly to the south."

    Poor slave basically powers the entire hanging garden which consists of this entryway:

    "You are at the east end of a beautiful colonnade. Giant, stout Dalusian columns support overhead channels in which dozens of hanging flowering vines are planted. The vines seem to form a thick curtain of greenery along the colonnade. Predominant among the vines hanging here is one with elliptic leaves that harbor scores of cerulean star-shaped flowers, whose fragrant scent engages your sense of smell. Water gently trickles down the vines, keeping the plants moist no matter how harsh the day's sun. The beams supported by the columns support tall shrubs. At a distance, the bushes appear to be supported by little more than vines. A sloping marble amphitheater sits directly to the south."
    Nothing much to say.

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    Dominating the center of the triangular plaza surrounding you and towering high on either side are the wide block columns of an enormous free-standing arch, its stone surfaces shining dully in the light of the day. The large flagstones beneath the arch have been fashioned into a colorful mosaic depicting an orange circle with arrows pointing in the four cardinal directions and the four ordinal directions. The red tile rooves of several low buildings that surround the plaza and line the street to the south are pronounced from this vantage.
    Nothing much to say.