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    Originally posted by Kered View Post

    Again I have approached IG concerns through the proper channels, my frustration is, we just encouraged more bandits to break the law with a new life on austrilla, which may or may not be death or it may be life. But I see it as this, the senate decree was sponsored by people who want Iridine to be weaker, and go from there.

    Iridinian SJW's.


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      No idea what that means 12345
      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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        Social justice Warrior


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          Wow, this whole decree thing got blown up a lot worse than I ever thought it was going to!

          Was it the best roll out? No, there's always room for improvement. Is the change a good thing? I think so. Trying to arrange trials, even just trying to arrange interrogations of criminals is a real pain. When trials occurred, how many times did a bandit walk away with an innocent verdict? More often than not, there's overwhelming evidence compiled that a criminal will be found guilty.

          Does this just magically change it so that two players now have this ungodly amount of power? Well, no. It only removes the trial portion that the entire playerbase was welcome to just sit and watch. If I had to pick what I'd rather the GMs doing with that same time, I'd rather go with a fun event or something. Not a trial that's a pain to put together, and the verdict is almost certain anyways by that time. Instead, the GMs will review the evidence compiled and make a decision whether it's sufficient or not to send someone to the island. I think faster turnarounds is a good thing for those playing criminal characters. It's not fun to have a character sit in the cells for months at a time, waiting for everything to magically line up.

          This is a game after all. Some interesting stories going on, politics, backstabbing and everything else that makes this game fun to play. While from an IC perspective, a soldier could keep a bandit prisoner near indefinitely to punish them. I'd rather the solution that was more convenient to players and GMs alike that potentially opened up further opportunities. Maybe they can come back if they survive the next Culling?
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            Send Kered to the island and he can start the Australian Militia


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              Iím good, ive basically been told politely not to comment
              "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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                It's both Good for OOC reasons to fix the trial issues and good for IG storytelling. I think there's a LOT more going on politically and I'm looking forward to seeing that come out. As for generating more bandits. From a purely IC perspective, this isn't true, as the island is NOT a fun place to build up your own bandit army. It's a place all IGly fear going to. OOCly, sure some people will want to try it out, but even if 100 players create chars purely for this purpose, 100 bandits die IG every day in the traevant, so it's a very small number compared to the bandits we already have.

                I think what a lot of people are missing is the EoTR flag that's on the NPC bandits that allows for execution at will. You can basically assume these people have already been tried and labeled EOTR's Sure, it doesn't make a lot of sense that thousands of people are getting trials and being exiled out to the woods, especially with this new change that should stop that, but I'd hate to see every NPC bandit stop spawning in their current places and start spawning only on Cullaiden island.

                ICly this just has to be a "thing" that we accept as truth. That all of the bandit NPC's are actually EoTR's, and that player char bandits haven't had their trials yet (unless they have had a real trial).

                I would LOVE to see a PC flag for EoTR though that they could willingly turn on, and allow themselves to be permakilled at will, and attacked at will by law NPC's and followed/guarded by EoTR NPC's.


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                  History of the clans were exiled that wage war against the republic, no trial needed.granted that could have been retconned. I used to have a pretty good write up from Bact when we first become active wish I could find it.
                  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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                    My short response is: I love it

                    While I am not privy to all of the subtle nuances going on in the game I can see a part of the overall direction and - I love it -

                    So many folks seem to be focusing on just 1 dimension of this subject. If you step back you can see a much cooler picture if you take a moment to look at all the possible sides and RP out there for this story arc. For reference:

                    Once again Iridine is going through some change. Events before the Culling, the culling itself, and now this Order are a part of some larger story that we all get to unfold. This happens on a micro and macro level in the game constantly and I look forward to what happens as things unfold. Those of you on this post who seem to have a real strong IC opinion - get out there and make it known!
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