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  • Cost of Training

    One of the things I've noticed changed from the past is the rate you collect skill points, but it seems like the cost of training has continued to be about the same. I know this has several role play components built in like player trainers, which is great, but it seems to really funnel the weapons one is able to learn as some weapons have way more experienced players than others.

    Pankration training is very different, or seems to be as there is a flat weekly rate for membership at their school. I'm wondering why this idea wasn't expanded out to all of the combat trainers? It seems like there are equal opportunities for role play this route from friendly rivalries between schools or guilds, to players being able to rise to the head of these schools as a patron or guild master.

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    Pankration as it exists in tec is only one school of many. The way of the open palm. It is the only school in existence in the game. There is more than one school in pankration, it just isn't coded in.
    It's akin to learning avros from dreggo for pelts. Pankration is more like a style of unarmed than a complete set in and of itself, even though it works alone. And speaking of which, there are other places that do function differently for training than 2.5 denars x rank, or whatever the math is.