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    When was the last time these were held? A year ago or more? We have a ton of new and returning players it seems and we haven't seen one of these in a while. Would it be possible to get an active assistant steward of games and festivals and/or Editor Ludorum?

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    Agreed. I hated seeing Colosseum games with like 6 people showing up but I'd say its time to bring them back now that we can get at least a dozen people at figjt nights.


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      January 27. 2018 was the last one I believe.

      It was a rather large turnout as well. Does seem time for another one.
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        While we're at it...Remove 200 denar limit on bets. Make gambling fun again.


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          Originally posted by Felisin View Post
          January 27. 2018 was the last one I believe.

          It was a rather large turnout as well. Does seem time for another one.
          I feel at the very least they should be quarterly.


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            Originally posted by jkidd View Post
            While we're at it...Remove 200 denar limit on bets. Make gambling fun again.
            Great idea.
            [Success: 95, Roll: 5] Pharse swings a cestus-covered fist sideways, lashing out at you with the blades of his weapon, but misses. You use the broad head of your short whip to knock aside the attack with a brute-force swat.


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              Perhaps During the festival weeks, gladiators could be turned off automatically (I imagine there's a way to programatically schedule this) This would allow an Editor Ludorum (or anyone really) to host games at will during those times with zero need for GM interaction. It would be up to the host to provide any kind of prizes and coordinate showmanship.

              Igly, the explanation could be that the change was to allow slaves a rest during festivals as a show of Ereal's grace or something

              Also by far the most common thing I see is the unreliability of combat assess to judge matchups. A return of Sabinus would be very very welcome in my humble opinion.

              With his return, I'd recommend a "private" setting be available so you could tell him "Please make my assessment private" "Please make my assessment public" "Allow <Editor>". My guess is the code similar to allowing hugs and stuff could be useful here (maybe not dunno).

              I'd also recommend he assess by primary weapon type (a separate assessment for each), always assuming shields and CM's to be included but not other matching weapon types.

              In other words if you know the following, here is how he should see your ranks for assessment:
              Spears 1k ranks CM's 1k ranks -> Spears 2k
              Spears 1k ranks staves 1k ranks cm's 1k ranks -> Spears 2k, staves 2k,
              OHS 1k Nelsor 1k Pard 1k Shields 1k CM's 1k Tridents 1k -> Nelsor 3k, Pard 3k, Tridents 2k

              Combined with his previous ability to compensate between stats and stat skills for accurate comparisons, This would allow much better matchups


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                The editor actually has levers up there he pulls to turn off gladiators, closes the gates, etc. It was just that many years ago, there may be even more function now. Whether or not there's an editor though might be another issue entirely.

                I also want Sabinus to come back. And to top it off, I want the way Ilkilyn described Sabinus' combat assess should work, to be the way combat assess works. Fix two birds with one stone, and make Sabinus GM at Combat assess. This is definitely wishful thinking, but it would be a great addition.
                Originally posted by MrSelfDestruct
                I thought it was just a rumor that it was all number-crunching and competitive training in a game with no logical endpoint since characters are ostensibly immortal and can always get better.

                You mean it's true?
                Originally posted by Phwoar
                Maybe I'm just becoming some tea-sipping hippy, or maybe I'm sour because my main uses cesti, but, why sacrifice a character idea for the sake of some hypothetical edge in some imagined combat situation in the distant future?
                Originally posted by Elowynn
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                  I know, I mention this option because despite multiple editors having been given the power to pull the lever in the past, none are here now. Same with Stewards. Giving individuals the power to pull the lever isn't working, cause eventually that player/char go away. Schedule times, no matter what, allows us to run games ad-hoc without the need for anyone to pull a lever, we just need to coordinate IG with roleplay