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    Originally posted by Tweninger View Post

    Setups is used more in combat then in thievery. lol

    Just had a blood spar with someone earlier today, and unless I missed it, he street approached me. I was confused when I couldn't do a cslash =(
    Oh it's highly useful in combat, ironically. Which is why everyone was up in arms over the stealth nerf of drunken approach. As a thief, really ear for coin is the only true 'necessity and even that is merely useful as a time saver. I can look instead of glancing. I can approach instead of street approaching. I can fall back or retreat instead of fading. I don't need any of them to slice a pouch from a npc.

    Rolling with a pve thief, as Rupert put it, is horribly grindy, slow, and monotonous. I don't want that changed, I just want an alternative. I would love to see high risk, high profit targets that required a range of skills to steal from. Leave the traders with their occasional gem pouches and the patricians with their rare 4 cent pouches, that's fine and works well for what it is. Give me targets that would give my highly skilled thief a true challenge with high risk and worthy rewards.

    Hell, you could expand it further and make it a morally evil combat zone as well. Combat toons could break in, slaughter guards, and rob the place blind themselves at the risk of being caught or stealthy toons can sneak in and pilfer quietly. Give the criminal element more options than banditry as an end game.
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      Originally posted by ArchMagi View Post
      You guys have me beat by four trainers, but then again, the one I do know, doesn't show that he teaches if you don't already know, so I guess the others are like that too. Like I said, been a LONG time since I rolled a thief.
      There is a trainer in the gameworld that will teach you regardless if you have the skills. He is however very difficult to find if someone doesn't tell you where he is first. So finding an ingame pc thief to teach you is likely the easier option unless you find out by some ooc method, I don't know if he is mentioned on any of the help sites or not but I'm assuming not.
      Amatoria crams a fist full of biscuits in her mouth.
      You pick out a biscuit from some biscuits.
      You consume the last of a biscuit.
      Dragaxus says to you, "You know you're quite sexy when you do that."
      Amatoria spits crumbs all over, "You're just saying that."

      Typically, 9 times out of 10 in TEC you are bored you just dont realize it because your brain functions at a higher rate and it keeps you from thinking about the possibility that you are simply sitting there doing absolutely nothing.


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        Iíve been here forever never knew more than one
        "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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          Let's be real--- the annoying think about drunk approach being nerfed is no one has said anything on the reason or what the heck you're supposed to do with the now worthless move. Why not just fix things instead of taking away cool things in the gameworld? Sagum rip....anatomy lore... etc....etc...
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          Haggard squeaks to MindThrasher, "My only regret about lanc that Kjel was at the toga.."

          Fidellus whispers something to Lucarnes.
          Carefully reading his lips, you make out the words "I liked it, but I have a thing for blondes in catholic school girl skirts

          A woman in a slinky red nightgown flirts to you, "Bears are repulsive."


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              Drunken Approach should have the following changes:

              1) All echos should show to others in the room the exact same echos from being drunk.
              2) While hidden, the echos should change to trigger room-based echos. In other words, if "A drunken sailor bumps into you and spills his beer" is a programmed echo there, it or one of the other appropriate echos will trigger. I'd recommend adding several new echos to every bar and crowd outside of bars to allow for the playerbase to become desensitized to such echos.
              3) A high roll (90 or higher?) while hidden should produce no echo at all, as your victim character wouldn't see it any different from normal people pushing through a crowded bar.
              4) Crowd size should heavily affect success and quality of rollover

              New moves for Combat Manuevers:

              1) Pivot ln (Average): You move to position yourself between your currently engaged enemy(ies), and a new target, resulting in being approached to both/all. Attempting while already approached to 3 targets increases your roll difficulty, but will auto retreat you from one random target before approaching your new target.

              2) Pivot out (Difficult): You move to position yourself one one side of your target directly opposite other approached attackers, resulting in retreating from all but the targetted attacker. A low roll over may result in only retreating from 1 out of the 2 other attackers.

              Circle in/out could also work... maybe a bonus to pivot lunge for ranks in pivot out?