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  • Black Sands Invasion

    Just wanted to give a large Kudos to all involved in last night's sudden event.

    First I want to thank the SGs/GMs who were involved in making it happen. The "swarm of enemies" event has been done so much lately that it has lost some luster. This was not just a swarm though. This was an -invasion- with key enemy figures, actual danger, and a real sense of urgency. Almost everyone up there was injured, bleeding, knocked out, or worse. It felt like the battle could have legit gone either way for a good bit, but noticeably began to shift in our favor as more and more reinforcements arrived. Just spot on judgement and Kudos. I also wanted to thank you all for being more accommodating with power-emoting. I have actively avoided it up until a few months ago and I must say you all have just made the roleplay a hundred times more enjoyable.

    Legio folks. I hope you all got as much enjoyment from such a rich RP experience as I did. Battered and bloody doesn't really quite cover it. It felt a little bit like everyone was a soldier fighting for their home up there last night.

    TM folks. I hope you also got a ton of enjoyment out of the heroic defense. Some of you were with us at the beginning, more came throughout. Other than to pause for a stitch, or to help with wounded it seemed like you were up there giving yer all along with the rest of us.

    Civilian combatants and support. Seriously you folks rock. Ulath, I cannot praise enough for his efforts last night. There were many who got in over their heads quickly while trying to help fight or aid with the healing or scouting but I hope you all still had a blast as well. Most of you didn't have any IC duties making you go, so I'd like to think you came to help defend your homes as well in any way Kudos to you too.

    I wish to end this by saying that after last night if I was not already subbed, I would. A fine example of how good this game still is and can be.

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    ^ What he said.

    Also, massive kudos to Carisso's staff player for orchestrating about a million things at once. Hundreds of spawn, in half a dozen locations. An animated NPC poking around, getting captured and being interrogated. Deleting about 150+ corpses while emoting a massive pyre of corpses, while also making the fire visible to people walking in the oaks. Tons of other room changes. And thinking coherent thoughts out loud. High freakin' five.


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      I always miss the good stuff

      Anyone die?


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        Throwing my thanks in also.
        I most appreciate ting in other events into this. For example the event where the boots were given away than a boat was spotted. We go up to the sands, and find a cineran boat.
        I and Lauren feel like this is part of a bigger event.
        This character has been like turning pages in a book.