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OOC Cheating and Consequences

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  • OOC Cheating and Consequences

    What is the point of playing a game where people use OOC information to circumvent the need to play out and deal with IC situations?

    I understand TEC is a tight group of players who have been around forever, and you'll likely all stay around, pretty much whatever happens; and you expect others to do the same.

    But I'm a relatively new player; I think the end of this month will be the anniversary of my first year of playing.

    I can deal with IG consequences to my IG actions.

    I can deal with RP.

    But what I can't accept is OOC abuse.

    There are plenty of good players, and I am aware that not everyone abuses OOC information. It is entirely possible, also, that the person/s who abused OOC information in this specific case may believe they were justified in doing so. I highly disagree, for reasons I will state only to SGs.

    I will say this:

    When OOC information is used to circumvent consequences of MAJOR events that impact SEVERAL players, and that abuse isn't dealt with and reprimanded in a timely manner (which, in this case, needs to happen quickly), it affects the ENTIRE game world.

    I've only just reported it some 8 hours ago because I only just realized the extent of what had happened. Some may say I'm jumping the gun on this, and I should wait before posting something like this, here. But it's a problem, and I want to state it out in the open, because this is what will cause new players like me to become disheartened and leave, without stating anything more to anyone who can do something.

    I don't want to play in a gameworld that accepts selective consequences, where players will take OOC information to further their characters' causes, while others must, because of mechanics, accept IG consequences indefinitely. This doesn't sit well with me, and it shouldn't sit well with anyone.

    OOC abuse severs the reality and the stories we are creating in TEC, and if that's allowed at any point, why stop with anything? Why not allow OOC information to be used everywhere? Why even HAVE a game that has IC and OOC at all? Everything's fair game, so let everything be fair game, right?


    I believed TEC was different, which is why I've invested so much time and passion in this game, why I've accepted consequence after consequence with my characters.

    Apparently, I'm wrong about TEC: OOC abuse happens. I just hope it is dealt with.

    I've reported this issue but am making a public statement because this kind of thing should have never even been a plausible option in anyone's mind, and it was, in at least two players'. And I'm appalled, disheartened, and angry.

    If it's not dealt with adequately by those behind the scenes and in the scenes, you can consider this my goodbye. Because I'm not playing a game where I have to submit to mechanical rules, where I accept and uphold a very honest and clean RP game and do NOT take OOC information I may glean back into the game, while other players are allowed to choose at whim whether or not to abide by the rules of RP and keeping OOC info OOC, particularly when it pertains the game.

    I'm not discussing this any further, but feel free to reply as you wish.