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    Last night I had about 5 hours of constant roleplay, and it was awesome. I haven't enough Kudos so I will come here.
    Lingkius, Kyna, Nerwintok, Mystique, Kyrah, and several more, thank you I had a great time, if I misspelled any names forgive
    Bring it on you lovers of flame it turns my crank.

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    We believe in euthanasia here in TEC. We'll kill you any time, just ask.-Tale

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    Kudos to Ulath, Aezenor, Isizi, Nyphistra, Valintrad and Adiena. You all know why. <3


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      Kudos to Jalaeus, Renovatur, Avay, and Stagtus, as well as the acoytes and other legionaries who joined out in Franlius last night. It was great to have civilian combatants and non-coms alike all helping work towards a common goal!
      Originally posted by Atilu
      You'd probably be happier if you just didn't come to the forums.
      Nicarus says to you, "Ya should shadow me an' keep track o' things. We can call it tha Dew-y number-ic system or somethin'.... have to work on that"