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  • Quote taken from another thread so that thread does not go off topic.

    Originally posted by Pranzor View Post

    The biggest imbalance to TEC combat, as it stands right now, is traits. We have a plan to look at and balance the existing trait system in concert with the community. Once those changes have been agreed upon and implemented, all characters will be on a fair playing field. As it stands, the advantage goes to newer characters who have been able to take advantage of the current trait system whereas older characters instantly gained a disadvantage they could not overcome.

    Due to the disparity in trait system between newer and older characters, addressing the trait system is the current top priority and there are no plans to look at other combat-related items until that is fixed.

    Once we have finalized the trait revamp proposal amongst staff, we plan to share that with the community for final feedback before moving forward on implementation.
    The issue is not necessary traits themselves, but all the changes that have occurred since traits were introduced 18 years ago.
    To list a few:
    1. The change to rank bonus. This made stats play a larger role, thus giving traits more ability to offer imbalance.
    2. The change to the damage system, and the introduction of new, more powerful weapons. i.e. Altene double maces. These two things have made some traits more valuable, and some worthless.
    3. The change to stats to allow characters to go above 200 and not get to 200; depending on what traits they have.
    4. The change to allow new characters to have more traits than older characters.

    The fact that dexterity offers more 'to hit' bonus than another stat that also offers a 'to hit' bonus. i.e. Strength. This is an imbalance that has existed since the beginning of the game, and is now a HUGE imbalance because now we can go over 200 in stats. I do not understand why this has never been looked into.

    One problem that I can see with traits is this: We have a positive or negative trait that affects a trait, but we don't have it's counterpart. i.e. We have negative traits that affect endurance, but we have no positive traits that affect endurance. The traits that affect fatigue recovery are not the same. Same goes for strength. We have no positive traits that affects strength, only a neutral.
    Another problem within the traits: There's two traits that affect dexterity positively, but only one for strength. And now we can go over 200 in stats. That's an imbalance.

    Two suggestions to offer more balance:
    1. Balance the traits more. Offer a positive and negative for each stat, or none at all. Also, if there's a trait for stat; offer a trait for its 'opposite' stat.
    2. Balance the 'bonuses' stats offer. For example. if dexterity and strength both offer 'to hit' bonus, and are considered opposite stats, than they should offer the same 'to hit' bonus.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Good post. I'd just like to add that, in my opinion, stats play too large a role in the current system. Things would be far more balanced if the difference between 200 and 100 stats in dexterity didn't offer a 50 point difference. I know that we have stat skills that can bring us up to ~175, but given that some players have gone up to ~235 in dexterity, that gives up to a +30 to hit bonus which is insanely high.

    Before the stat and trait changes, the max difference between someone with inhuman in a stat vs the stat skills was ~25 points which resulted in 12.5 to hit bonus that could be overcome by spending RPs. Now we are talking about ~17.5 (or more if you have certain traits) that -cannot- be overcome in any way.

    Things would end up being far more balanced and interesting if it would be Stat / 8 and Stat / 10 instead of Stat / 2 and Stat / 4. Players who have spent very high amounts of RPs would still have benefits (critical hits, HP, bonus to hit, bonus to evade, more armor / carrying capacity, etc.).

    I'd be more in favor of traits that do NOT affect stats and would affect very specific things: +3% critical hit chance, +5% base damage increase, +3% critical hit severity, etc. etc. Mountain Lungs, Athletic and others are great examples of this. We don't even necessarily -need- negative traits either. Place them all on par with each other and allow players to choose their specialization as they see fit. Just insert a maximum of x benefits you can take and that's it.

    Just my two cents.