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If TEC had loot boxes what would they be?

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    Absolutely NOTHING that promotes pay-to-win and, of course, NOTHING that requires real-time money to purchase. You can, after all, simply earn your RPS by actually roleplaying and just going to events if you wish to spend RPS on a "loot box." Also, this is an RP-based MUD. So, anything in a loot box I'd want to be RP related in some fashion.

    * A free temporary or permanent makeover at the hairdresser

    * A custom entrance / exit that could either be temporary or permanent depending on the "loot box."

    * A random piece of clothing or armor that a lot of people seem to want but can't always get because it's expensive or you can't find anywhere (corsets, skirts, doeskin cloaks)

    * A ticket to choose a special piece of furniture you can't usually get: An actual bookshelf kinda like the library one, a glass-fronted cabinet double the capacity of the standard ones, etc.)

    * The ability to learn one of the old languages not normally taught from a special teacher

    * 100 talents or other monetary value worth the cost of the RPS to purchase

    * Free choice of a special cloth or thread

    * Free hood or other face covering


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      Originally posted by TEC_Ghuan View Post
      On another note, Skotos will need to keep an eye out because there's a Senator that's currently trying to pass a Lootbox/Micro-transaction bill in the US which may very well affect all of its games. Also, if lootbox are to ever happen, you legally need to divulge the percentages of a player's probability to get the items in the lootboxes or you will be acting against the law and will be subject to -massive- fines in certain countries. This only applies if RL money can be used to purchase said lootboxes or if it can be converted into IG currency. Sharonpa's current "lootboxes" are fine because you cannot trade RL money towards IG money, but it could apply to RPs purchased lootboxes since you can purchase StPs with RL money and convert them into RPs.
      As for trading RL money for IG money, some laws may be restrictive enough to consider buying a domus to be merely a step in spending RL money for IG money. The Netherlands and Belgium do not include wording requiring RL money to be spent even.

      Also, in more and more parts of Europe, loot boxes are downright illegal, and where they're not there's legislation in the works.

      Curious how the Senator's bill would deal with STP to RP conversion, or stat purchases. This could be considered a pay to win mechanic, which the bill is also targeting.

      *Sidenote, for the US version, explicitly limiting the game to Adult Only may be a way to sidestep the legal issues


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        Originally posted by Ozymandius View Post

        Siddhe asked for feedback on what StP's should/could be used for. I'm going to brainstorm that some and come up with a post. Because I think there is something the game can gain from there.
        Yes, please.


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          Most things I’d want already can be purchased using RPS. However, what about the ability to reskin your attacks. It wouldn’t be a custom move as the mechanics are the same but it would be a unique to you signature piece of combat flair.


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            Originally posted by Ariden View Post
            Most things I’d want already can be purchased using RPS. However, what about the ability to reskin your attacks. It wouldn’t be a custom move as the mechanics are the same but it would be a unique to you signature piece of combat flair.
            If I recall, towards the end you could have requested a custom maneuver, but it would have been an identical version of an existing move and it was also moved back one slot in terms of difficulty. Let's say you wanted Sword Jab, you would have gotten it with a brand new prose. Same identical damage, same blocks. The only difference is that you would have gotten it as an Average difficulty move instead of Easy, but it would have been your own.


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              I have to agree with what some people said here already. Loot boxes are basically gambling whether there is RL money or game money involved. I wouldn't appreciate moving the game in this direction. For arguments against lootboxes feel free to use google, there are too many to count.

              It would be nice to be able to get a custom pet for stps.


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                buy a fish in a bowl in blackvine! Or a bird in a cage in quartz heights!



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