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    Originally posted by Tale View Post

    I've added a note you'll see at the bottom of help files (or generates in your game window if you use a client that does the pop-up thing) that provides a link to the wiki for more info, maps, guides, etc as well as a disclaimer that labels it the "UnOfficial" wiki and that it is entirely player generated and maintained by dedicated players.

    I'd planned to release that with some other newbie friendly content, but in all honesty it's too good a resource to not provide immediately.

    Note: This will be removed if the wiki ever becomes toxic, wildly inaccurate in terms of mechanics, or the website is ever shut down in order to preserve player's experiences.
    That's great Tale, thanks! It seems like you're maybe working on newbie stuff, so I'll add that it might be good to add some way for newbies to know about the help files / how get to them as part of the tutorial if it's not there already.
    Originally posted by Atilu
    You'd probably be happier if you just didn't come to the forums.
    Nicarus says to you, "Ya should shadow me an' keep track o' things. We can call it tha Dew-y number-ic system or somethin'.... have to work on that"


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      Originally posted by Rupert
      In my experience of starting noobs in recent history the biggest problems I've had have been with money. I agree that it's easy to make, it's more taking the time out of what you want to be doing because you have to that takes away from the experience for me. If I go to the ludus at the start of cycle and train, I won't even be able to finish a fatigue bar before I hit the 200 SP cap. Then I'll have to spend the next hour I play diving for pearls, and hopefully I'll have enough to pay for my next lessons. I could go scavenge too, but we're also looking at an hour or so investment there. I'm not saying you shouldn't have to work for money, I just would like to see the process more streamlined. The best word to describe it as it is now might be 'clunky'. You kind of have to love the game already to go through it.

      Pretty much nailed it. Right now, for newbies and some "midbies", there's kind of a separation between using ones skills and making enough cash to upgrade equipment, get a room, pay for training. At least for combat focused characters.

      And it didn't really used to be that way, but there have been gradual changes, since 1998, that've resulted in the current situation. Some of my suggestions are as follows.

      A: Restore some kind of earning potential to the dumps and sewers that does not require an additional skill set. Remember those stones you used to find in the bellies of dump rats and spiders? Those were important. They represented income for newbie fighters that you didn't have to learn skinning to take advantage of and they were valuable enough that you could actually feel yourself making some financial headway after murdering a legion of rodents. I'm not sure why the stones were initially removed; I've heard that it was people amassing metric tons of them via the pits and I've heard that someone got a bug up their ass about "realism", but that's not important. Bring something like it back. Doesn't have to be stomach gems if that offends to many people's sensibilities, but have some kind of loot that's worth 50-100 denars you find on occasional low-level critters in those areas.

      B: Revamp the alleys. The earning potential is utter crap these days and the difficulty has been scaled way too high. They used to be very useful as the 'next step' after the dumps, they were still in the city so people tended to congregate and interact there and they were profitable. Maybe they were too profitable, I don't know, but they need to offer better earning potential than they do now and they need to be less difficult so the less ranked fighters can solo or group with inexperienced people and not get in too much peril. While you're at it, give some kind of in character justification for why it's a free-for-all vs. thugs and brutes there and, very important, tell IG groups, especially the Constables, that they're not to harass the people who are using it (we had more than one 'uniformed griefer' back in the day). Don't leave 'you're allowed to hunt here' open to interpretation in a centrally located FUN area intended to allow you to use your combat skills against human opponents.

      C: Increase the pay outs somewhat for the newbie jobs, ESPECIALLY the ones that suck up all your endurance (flour making) and leave you recuperating for half an hour, at least, before you can do anything again.

      D: Take a good close look at prices of generic equipment in the game and reduce it downward. I'm not an economy or numbers guy, but a lot of it can seem overwhelmingly expensive to lower-end characters. This is regardless of material. I know there's a lot of money in the game and all that, and if you want to put insanely priced, wildly decorated swords or armor pieces in stores (as with Behlrad), that serves as a good silver sink on its own. But pare down the prices on generic, no frills items, regardless of the material or quality level. Make the rich ones pay for bling, but leave function more affordable and accessible. Example: If a talent is multiple pounds of silver, why is an iron gladius worth 12 of them?

      E: Take a closer look at some of the other lower-ranked hunting areas and get rid of inconvenience, balance or risk vs. reward issues. There are crabs under the boardwalk, but they're not worth hunting. There are leech snakes and carrion beetles in the Old City, but the fire lizards can tear upper-level newbies and low midbies apart while also ripping off their clothes like they were a noblewoman in a period piece novel involving a sweaty gamekeeper. Fix that crap. I personally don't mind the old men in the dumps, btw, but frankly it'd have been better if they somehow didn't allow people above a certain rank total in there in the first place.

      All I've got for now.

      Originally posted by Mast3rmind
      Celtor and Vladmir combined are like the Legion of Doom. Or maybe the wondertwins, although I'd be worried if Celtor was as furry as Vladmir. *nods sagely*
      Xianna exclaims to you, "And even when unconscious you still attract beautiful women, you lecher!"
      Ravenlark pats you.
      Ravenlark says to you, "I promise not to abuse you in your sleep. Much."


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        I'd like to share my feedback when starting with a new character here as i remember it.
        I think that most mud players shouldn't have trouble getting used to commands used in tec but a more comprehensive list would be appreciated.
        For example @commands is outdated and specific categories weren't updated in some time as i see it.
        @commands administrative - System preferences, account administration, and OOC information
        Doesn't list half the OOC information commands that it should. The only part that lists them is @command all
        I would add new categories that would help with specific tasks for various professions or helpful tips for them. Doesn't have to be incorporated here but ought to be somewhere.
        Combat list ought to contain also commands that help with looting, even if it doesn't sound logical - stow, collect etc.
        A rehaul of these would add a lot of help very quickly.

        The fact that to aux channel only gms respond is quite sad, more people should have access. I can see how this could be abused though if everybody would be able to contribute.

        This is a HUGE problem with everything that encompasses newbies.
        There is not enough new players to stick with so they can compare only to old ones and the gap is tremendous.
        Since this is a game where people whould like to interact with other players and role-play they need opportunities for that and 95% of playerbase is using old characters.
        These won't go to newbie hunting grounds, which basically makes newbies alone.
        Majority interesting hunting grounds are very difficult for new players and it takes about 3 months + of pure grinding to get somewhere.
        100 sps from a dummy is a joke.
        As mentioned newbie jobs are a joke too cause of inflation.
        Armor that aux used to hand out is a joke cause it doesn't help in anything. Lorica is what all newbie players need and should be a standard - can be beaten old just like the one from steps. I would go further and say that all characters that start with combat skills ought to have some armor when they step out from the boat.
        Given how old this game is, the inflation was a necessity but it creates a big problem for newbies. - we need to realize it and move the 20 year old standards further.
        Ludus Valerius is great but i think the benefit should be longer and trainers there teach further than they do now.
        Signal tower island seriously needs a bridge - it sucks balls having to wait for that stupid ferry in a phase when you want everything now, you need to bait the new players for them to continue playing.
        Give new characters a bigger boost in sps and make their starting sps pool much bigger than it is now (i'm talking of 2000+) - make it fun for people to start, don't punish them for it.

        Speaking of making things fun - learning new skills in a game right now is a pure masochistic experience. I see zero fun in it cause the sp gain is painstakingly slow in the start and the possibilities for using the new skill is nearly nonexistent. My character picked hunting and all he can do is skin and make deadfall traps with 68 success and 0.09 gain on success on the start of a cycle. After grinding for two hours killing and skinning rats he got 14 sps - wooo, two more ranks in basics which would change his success to a whopping 63 where the grinding can start again.

        Just my two cents.


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          Originally posted by Tale View Post
          If someone could provide a comprehensive list of all the barest basic needs of the average newbies that they seem to have trouble obtaining straight away, I'd appreciate it. For example: A (tin) weapon, boots, gloves, some padded armor, etc. Need a list for all skills (both combat and noncombat) and a separate list of all sundry/non-skill items (like torches, sacks, basic food, a waterskin, etc).
          Foot, shin, thigh, waist protecion. (As I recall most animals hit low) They should probably do something to get these maybe in the tutorial. Kill super easy rats in the ship haul?
          A Sagum, when they get it an NPC should explain that if you wear it over sacks and pouches they can not be robbed.
          Lantern that when you look at it has a bronze plaque (Sesquiculus shop sells oil 3 paces east and 3 paces north of the Toga Inn.)
          5 loaves of non grouped bread.
          A liquid container WITHOUT the word water in the name, that is already filled with water.
          A sheet of vellum that explains the walk to command. Than quickly lists important shops.
          A second sheet of vellum that tells them where the starting hunting grounds are.
          A QUICK method to make maybe 10 cents. Kill super easy rat, apply burn salve to sailors, stitch sail, make torches. Healers not being able to apply salve drives me crazy when I start a healer.

          You HAVE to be willing to bread the fourth wall for new comers. I was helping a brand spankin newbie out in the ludos. He asked about the [ ] I told him OCC was not allowed so I whisper it in [ ]. That person IMMEDIATELY logged off.

          Whom ever suggested opening the Aux channel. That is a SOLID idea!


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            Originally posted by tale View Post

            i've added a note you'll see at the bottom of help files (or generates in your game window if you use a client that does the pop-up thing) that provides a link to the wiki for more info, maps, guides, etc as well as a disclaimer that labels it the "unofficial" wiki and that it is entirely player generated and maintained by dedicated players.

            I'd planned to release that with some other newbie friendly content, but in all honesty it's too good a resource to not provide immediately.

            Note: This will be removed if the wiki ever becomes toxic, wildly inaccurate in terms of mechanics, or the website is ever shut down in order to preserve player's experiences.
            thank you!!!


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              After reading a few frustrated notes.
              Just wanted to say thanks for the Ludos, and the signal island itself.
              I play now because of those two things.
              I don't use them with my main, but they allowed a starting outlet to keep me going.
              TM was no small part also.


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                Originally posted by Tale View Post

                With all due don't know what my 'mark' is, let alone weather what I'm currently working on will hit it or not. Nor do you know how many times, or when the last time I've 'played a newbie' was.

                Immediately criticizing someone who just asked for assistance in coming up with information needed for Project D because as far as you're aware, they are not working on Project B instead right this moment is not productive for either project. Nor does it foster further communication and desire to continue soliciting feedback. If someone volunteers to pick up trash on the side of the road to better the community, you don't criticize them for their choice and yell at them to scrub graffiti instead. For all you know, that's next on their list, or they're just waiting for someone to come back with a proper scrub brush.
                Hold on there for a moment, please. My original post was in no way meant in a disrespectful way and I don't understand how it was misconstrued as such. As players we cannot know what your intentions are and how far you are willing to go unless you make your intentions clear. Based on Siddhe's "TEC 2019 Staff Goals", the newbie experience was nowhere to be seen. Now you and Siddhe have made it clear that it is something that you are willing to work on and not simply apply a few band-aid fixes to. If you want us to work along with you we need to know where you wish to take us. I've spent countless hours before working on documents and all sorts of things for the game and it was simply tossed aside. Time and time again. Whenever I do something, I go full out and I pour my heart into it. That "State of the Game" thread took me probably 20 hours to come up with including the reading of the book.

                When I said "You need to play a newbie to understand it", I really meant it. And if you have, then you must understand that my complaints are valid even though they haven't been formulated yet with thorough examples. I likely shouldn't have replied to this thread before having my document ready and that is a mistake on my part. I take things to heart and this subject strikes a soft spot because I hate what it has become and I am currently going through it. You know that I like you, Tale. We've been through shit together and you've never let the game down. I'm sorry if you thought it was a personal attack which was in no way my intention.

                Like I said, I should have something ready to post either later on, probably today or tomorrow on this subject.

                Originally posted by Siddhe View Post

                Not to give too much away, but this is exactly why Tale asked for this information - and it has nothing to do with freebies. There are a number of updates currently being made to enhance the newbie experience, and by proxy, to lower-level hunting grounds.
                Thank you for this post. This is very heart warming to hear.

                Originally posted by Tale View Post

                I've added a note you'll see at the bottom of help files (or generates in your game window if you use a client that does the pop-up thing) that provides a link to the wiki for more info, maps, guides, etc as well as a disclaimer that labels it the "UnOfficial" wiki and that it is entirely player generated and maintained by dedicated players.

                I'd planned to release that with some other newbie friendly content, but in all honesty it's too good a resource to not provide immediately.

                Note: This will be removed if the wiki ever becomes toxic, wildly inaccurate in terms of mechanics, or the website is ever shut down in order to preserve player's experiences.
                I just want to add a quick note to this. I know it's not really relevant to the thread, but the Wiki will -never- become toxic or shut down. As far as inaccuracy of the mechanics goes, we are doing our best with the resources that we have. Just as a disclaimer, I am not running any advertisements on the Wiki nor do I earn any money generated by the ads that are there. The ads are there because the Wiki has a free status which allows Wikidot to place their own ads. If you use a registered account, you will -never- see ads. Any players adding "toxic" or willingly "inaccurate" content to mislead others will have their editorial capacities removed.

                On another note, the Wiki became unofficial because of a past split with Sceadu who did not want to have the Wiki semi-open and there were very severe restrictions on allowed mechanics content. If any GMs wish to register for the Wiki, I am more than happy to let them participate so long as they do not remove content that was thoroughly tested and vetted by players unless said content is mechanically inaccurate and is modified for accuracy purposes.

                The Wiki is also continuously being backed up. We don't want any information to be lost and any editors unless they are admins -cannot- delete pages. Sorry for the thread derail, but I figured I would make this clear. Thanks for this change, Tale.


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                  Natural Progression:

                  Instead of start at rank 1 basics, all newbies should start with rank 5 in the basics and rank 3 in several attacks/blocks. This will allow them, right off the bat, to be able to cycle through their skills to earn maximum SP gain and counter the effects of the rotation penalties. This ONLY applies to weapon skillsets learned through the character generator. Learning these skillsets via GSPs should -not- give out these attacks/blocks at those levels otherwise people will be able to farm SPs through GSPs usage.

                  Skills for each starting skillset:

                  Archery: Basics rank 5. Basic Shot, Quick Load, Simple Stringing, Simple Unstringing and Steady Aim at rank 3.
                  Brawling: Basics rank 5. Punch, Kick, Knee, Elbow, Foot Stomp, Face Block and Swat Block at rank 3.
                  Knives: Basics rank 5. Chop, Jab, Stab, Slash, Underhand Stab, Short Block, Cross Block and Long Block at rank 3.
                  One-handed Axes: Basics rank 5. Chop, Slash, Swat, Longarm Strike, Pivot Smash, Cross Block and Chopping Block at rank 3.
                  One-handed Crushing: Basics rank 5. Strike, Swat, Simple Bash, Smash, Upswing, Simple Block and Cross Block at rank 3.
                  One-handed Swords: Basics rank 5. Chop, Jab, Slash, Swat, Stab, Simple Block, Cross Block and Overhead Block at rank 3.
                  Spears: Basics rank 5. Jab, Stab, Charge, Butt Smash, Slash, Simple Block, Butt Block and Rounding Block at rank 3.
                  Staves: Basics rank 5. End Jab, Swat, Simple Strike, Pivot Smash, Side Strike, Simple Block, Cross Block and Overhead Block at rank 3.
                  Tridents: Basics rank 5. Jab, Stab, Blunt Bash, Slash, Quick Rake, Simple Block, Cross Block and Tine Block at rank 3.

                  All characters will start with roughly ~26 Ranks. This will allow them to perform decently well on Signal Tower Island as the creatures there are easy to hit and will have very little chance of harming your character. This will get rid of having to go to the dummy. Having to learn a few attacks from the dummy is by far the most tedious part of TEC and the most boring.

                  Systemic Issues:

                  -Basic Skinning:
                  -- Needs to revert to its previous state. The change that made it so that you ruin pelts like 95% of the time if you don't know the skill screwed newbies over. They lost a big chunk of their income. Very poor quality skins were already worth little money, so there was no need for this drastic change.

                  -- Prices have increased across the board and this is severely damaging for new characters since their income does not match the current costs.
                  -- Price values for many of the low-end items should be reduced to properly reflect their new incomes.
                  -- The first weapon upgrade should cost less. Damage is generally too low on your starting weapon to allow you to generate a good source of income.

                  -Overall Training Costs:
                  -- Due to all of the Training changes, we earn ranks at a faster rate than we ever have.
                  -- This is effectively problematic when you try to learn new ranks from trainers and wish to progress.
                  -- Instead of a linear rate for training costs, it could make sense for a more exponential curve to be used.
                  -- Ranks 1-50 could be on a lower linear/exponential rate and once you reach rank 50 the curve changes rapidly.

                  -Gameworld Immersion:
                  -- Changes should be made to favor new players' immersion.
                  -- Make them fit into the gameworld, have a purpose.
                  -- Give them a glimpse of TEC's deep gameworld lore.

                  -Brokers/Price Fluctuation:
                  -- Prices for low end stuff should not be fluctuating.
                  -- Brokers should not be necessary.
                  -- All characters should be able to get max prices for a uniform experience.
                  -- This should only apply to the low-level hunting grounds.

                  * Note: TCR stands for Total Combat Ranks.

                  Hunting Ground progression:
                  |-TCR 1-60: Signal Tower Island.
                  |-TCR 60-100: Sewers Central System.
                  |--TCR 60-100: Signal Tower Island Shipwreck.
                  |-TCR 100-250: Sewers Southern System.
                  |--TCR 100-250: Quartz Heights' Boardwalks.
                  |-TCR 250-400: Sewers Eastern System.
                  |--TCR 250-400: Rat Pits.
                  |-TCR 400-500: Alleys.
                  |--TCR 400-500: Dumps.
                  |-TCR 500-650: Old City.
                  |--TCR 500-650: Coastal Alleys.
                  |-TCR 100-750: Ludus Valerius.
                  |--TCR: 650-750: Burnt Villa
                  |--TCR: 650-750: ???

                  *STI = Signal Tower Island
                  *SC = Sewers Central
                  *SW = Signal Tower Island Shipwreck

                  TCR|| 0         100          200          300          400          500          600          700     750  
                     || | STI |
                     ||       | SC  |  
                     ||       | SW  |
                     ||       | Ludus Valerius     -    Ludus Valerius     -    Ludus Valerius    -    Ludus Valerius    |
                     ||             |  Sewers South   |
                     ||             |  QH Boardwalk   |        
                     ||                               |   Sewers Eastern  |
                     ||                               |      Rat Pits     |
                     ||                                                   |   Alleys   |
                     ||                                                   |   Dumps    |
                     ||                                                                |     Old City     |
                     ||                                                                |  Coastal Alleys  |    
                     ||                                                                                   |     ???      |
                     ||                                                                                   | Burnt Villa  |
                  TCR|| 0         100          200          300          400          500          600          700     750  

                  In order to allow freedom of choice for characters, we should allow them to decide which hunting ground best suits their needs. In each TCR tier, characters will either choose to make money organically through their use of a singular
                  skillset (their weapon) or by using a secondary skillset (hunting) for income. Some additional sources of temporary income should also become available for these various tiers.

                  Signal Tower Island:

                  * Creatures:
                  -Fluvitur pup: 3d 1 sen (pelt)
                  -Rock Crab: 6d 1 sterce (shell)
                  -Snapper: 12d 2 sterce 1 sen (shell)
                  -Gull: Nothing of worth.

                  -The difficulty here is perfect. The change to the sea gulls some time ago was much needed.

                  -Those were the prices for a poor quality skin. The prices could likely be evened out a bit since the range is too broad and makes the snappers the best target by far. You cannot earn any money without skinning because you will ruin everything without knowing the skill.
                  -The ferry is a strance mechanic for newbies and instead of having to wait on it, even if it is relatively quick, we should be able to walk straight to Signal Tower Island. As can be seen on one of the old maps, STI -can- be walked to. There is a bridge linking to it. ( It should be accessible via the Arches of the Moons. The Arches could be made so that they make a complete circle instead of being on the Southern Side only. They could link close to the Toga.

                  *Potential Additions:
                  -Create two brand new NPCs for the island. An urchin and a city worker. The urchin would be placed atop one of the two Signal towers and his/her purpose would be to watch those who fight below. The second NPC would be used to transmit to STI visitors that he is paying for any kills that they perform and inform them that the pests that roam the island make their work dangerous.
                  --There is already special code for the creatures. Instead of going unconscious, they die automatically. Make it so that this command registers it as a kill and adds it to the city worker's list.
                  --The city worker should be at the entrance to STI.
                  --When you go into the area with the city worker for the first time he will tell you that he needs your help to eliminate some of the vermin, that they are dangerous to the workers' livelihood and that SignalTower Island depends on them to help the ships navigate the harbor.
                  --When you have killed a creature and head back to the city worker, the urchin will rapidly run in (hide from his spot at the top of the tower) and whisper something to the city worker. He will tell him about your kill count.
                  --The urchin will then rapidly make his way back atop the tower. If you visit the urchin at the top of the tower, he will have a bit of conversation for you. He will even let you know how many creatures you have killed.
                  --Players should be paid more or less 5-8 denars per kill, up to a maximum lifetime amount earned of 1 talent.
                  --Once that amount is reached, the city worker will tell them that his budget ran out, but that they can continue to work for him.
                  --At 35-70-105-150 kills, characters should be rewarded with an item from the city worker.
                  --35: Leather gloves, 70: Leather Boots, 105: Leather Helmet, 150: Leather Armor.
                  --At 8 denars per kill, this means that players would be able to kill ~195 creatures before maxing out the 1 talent limit.

                  -New Creature: Rat Nest.
                  --Rat nests could spawn anywhere in the sewers. These nests would not do anything.
                  --Attacking a rat nest would result you in attempting to destroy it and would not award any SP gain or your actual attack to go through.
                  --The rat nest could output random echoes or even spawn rats when attacked.
                  ---Example: You attempt to destroy a large rat's nest. The nest is rattled and a small baby rat comes out! You quickly step on it and feel it squish under your foot.
                  --After 'attacking' the rat nest 8-10 times, it would be destroyed.
                  --Rat nests would have a chance to contain item(s) of low worth.


                  I have another post following this one that shows as unapproved because of the spam bot filter.


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                    The first order of business will likely be to bring your basics up to rank 30 to lower your success on all attacks, so this means that from rank 5-30 or 2-30 would cost you: 1125-1155 denars. Less than that if using the Ludus Valerius teachers since they teach at half off up to rank 25. This will allow you to have a basic set of armor on top of having some spare change while training up your weapon. You will now be able to take on the Sewers or the Shipwreck with ease.

                    60-100 TCR

                    Signal Tower Island Shipwreck:

                    -Fluvitur: 11d (pelt)

                    -The difficulty here is perfect.

                    -The fluvitur pelts each weigh 3.5 pounds which is too heavy. Their weight should be reduced to ~1.5 pounds and it would be perfect.

                    Sewers Central:

                    -Osecar: 7d (pelt)
                    -Large brown rat: 4d 1st (pelt)
                    -Sewer rodent: 6d 1st (pelt)

                    -The overall difficulty here is perfect.

                    -Remove the grappling ability from the osecar's attack. Having to struggle to free yourself from said grapple consumes fatigue and is merely an annoyance. It also removes all of your defenses and makes you very vulnerable.
                    -The stones found in the rat's stomachs are worth 1 denar a piece. This is beyond ridiculous. By now your lessons are way too expensive to make any use of that 1 denar stone. If the stones remain the sole monetary value for non-skinners, their value needs to be bumped way up.
                    -You cannot earn any money if you do not know how to skin. Needs something to be added to counter that.

                    *Potential Additions:
                    -Similarly to the STI, add a NPC that will pay you for your services. The city doesn't want to have rat infestations and will pay you for any heads that you bring. Simply skin or behead any of the osecars, rats and rodents to get a small chunk of money.
                    --Pay ~15 denars per head.
                    --Pay up to a maximum of two talents per character and then the NPC runs out of budget for your character.
                    --At 35-70-105-150 heads brought in, the worker will give you another piece of armor.
                    --35: Leather pteryges, 80: Shoulder Pteryges, 125: Set of Leather Thigh Greaves, 175: Set of leather shin greaves
                    --Your character will be able to kill ~200 creatures to max out the 2 talents limit.


                    Your character is now fully dressed in leather armor, from head to toe. All values will likely need to be adjusted to line up with SP gain to make it flow as best as possible. Your character will now have made over 3 talents just
                    by maxing out the two workers. It will give you enough money to pay for your training and left over for food/water and other equipment.

                    You will now be rank 30/10 in a few attacks/blocks and will have started work on Combat Maneuvers.

                    Training at Ludus Valerius, the South Sewers and the Quartz Heights Boardwalk


                    100-250 TCR

                    South Sewers:

                    -Sewer Snake: ???
                    -Osecar: 7d (pelt)
                    -Quivering Ooze: Nothing of worth.

                    -The overall difficulty here is perfect or could be slightly harder.

                    -The Quivering Ooze's damage output should be toned down. At 1 over, they will do a bruise x 2.
                    -The Quivering Ooze could drop an item of some worth upon dissipating.
                    -Overall creature worth for skinned items could be upgraded.

                    Quartz Heights' Boardwalks:

                    -Sandcrab: 0. Worth absolutely nothing.

                    -Way too high for the current worth.

                    -Sandcrabs are currently impossible to dodge and block. This needs to be changed.
                    -Sandcrabs need to have their worth changed. None of their skinnables are worth more than 1 sen.

                    -Similarly to STI and the Sewer Central, a NPC could be added to the area. Sandcrabs have been terrorizing the area and need to be eliminated before their population grows out of control.
                    --Pays ~20 denars per kill.
                    --Up to a maximum of 2 talents total.
                    --After 150 kills you receive a ticket that you can transfer in one of QH's shops.
                    --Said ticket should allow you to purchase a brand new bronze piece of armor OR weapon of low value.
                    -New interesting creatures of similar level could be added.
                    --Sand beetles.


                    I don't have factual data for the rest of the hunting grounds as I haven't spent enough time in them, but I do have a few suggestions for some of them:

                    Old City:
                    -- The change to the diabolus ardentis was a bad one. Acid spit is impossible to dodge and unblockable. Success will range from 5-95, but will more frequently be in the 40 range. This attack does up to 8 HP damage and can damage your clothes. It goes straight through armor.
                    -- Acid spit needs to be removed or made so it can be dodged.

                    Rat Pits:
                    -- The mangy rats have the ability to cause any wounds created by them to deter into gangrene if it goes through armor. As a hunting ground made for lower level characters, this was a really bad call and significantly punishes those who do go.
                    -- Gangrene as a whole is messy and improperly coded. You do not get any echoes letting you know that you have it. You will know only if you look at yourself. It serves absolutely no purpose in a hunting ground that was designed for low level characters.

                    Alleys/Costal Alleys:
                    -- The thugs/brutes/dog's ranks should not fluctuate based upon those who enter the area. They can become way too skilled.
                    -- The alleys were really fun now lower-level characters because they were your first real humanoid opponents that you could fight to make some coin.
                    -- The amount of coin made from the alleys is very low and seems appropriate for lower-level characters, but the ranks required do not.

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                      This is spectacular.

                      There's so much great stuff in here. I hardly know where to begin.

                      Ditching the dummy. Excellent.
                      Coin and armor from NPCs is a great idea and feeds into the reward loop we're used to in modern games.
                      Reduced cost of training at lower ranks is also something I agree with.

                      Way to go.