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    What is the awareness project?

    -The awareness project aims at making general knowledge easier to obtain that pertains to the gameworld's lore and overall story. Said knowledge will become readily available both on the Wiki and in these forums as it is ready to be shared.

    What is the goal of the awareness project?

    -As time passes by, general lore and gameworld history is lost. Time and time again we have been the victims of this perpetual system that has yet to be changed. We have lost sight of the game's stories and foundation. Our heroes of old are almost forgotten, if not for those select players who have been playing for over two decades, all would be lost. The awareness project aims at making as much knowledge as is possible easily available so that we may never forget. Those we have lost, those we have gained and the stories that we have made.

    What kind of knowledge will be shared?

    -The awareness project will focus on both IG/IC and OOG/OOC content. This may range from basic armor descriptions and pictures all the way to specific creature lore and information. Specific character engagement and conflict will not be shared unless a resolution has been met. Public events and happenings within the Republic of Iridine will be shared.

    Who can help with the awareness project?

    -Anyone interested in participating in the project will be welcomed to do so and the content offered will be approved before being published.

    Topics of interest will include:

    Person of Interest:
    -All players (past and present) who wish to share their characters' stories through a small Q&A interview. Characters who had a significant impact on the gameworld and altered its course or those who have kept quiet in the shadows are welcomed. Our characters are the heroes and villains that help define the game's world and stories.

    Place of Interest:
    -A small beach that's situated at the end of the world where your character likes to dip their toes. A room where a terrifying murder has happened. Any place worth seeing at least once in your TEC playthrough.

    Creatures of Midlight:
    -From a basic description of the animal, all the way to their habitat, habits and general lore.

    Happenings in the Republic:
    -Ranging from impromptu events all the way to planned events. These will be only new events that happen.

    In Memoriam:
    -Remembering those old souls who have succumbed to time. Any characters who have been murdered or have simply died of old age that has become public knowledge may be shared.

    Events from the Past:
    -I have made an inquiry to the Staff involving the possibility of sharing their notes regarding old events that were held. If the idea is met with a negative answer, only player-shared events of the past will be offered.

    Weapons/Armor/Items descriptive:
    -Establishing an index of weapons/armor/items on the Wiki. Pictures, descriptions and other relevant information regarding to said items will be shared.

    -Player-made poems, songs and stories. Based on fiction or old tales that your character has lived through.

    -Lore and History gained through events, help files or other means will be shared here.

    Everyone is free to participate in this project. Things will start rolling soon and will be shared directly on the Wiki and archived for ease of use.

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    This is awesome. Iíve always hated that information is kept secret. I understand there is some lore that canít be shared but there is a huge amount that can.


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      Iíll gladly add the lore of The Traevant
      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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        I think this is awesome. I wanted to try to start something like this in game but the time requirement is ridiculous. I would be more than willing to help do write ups of events that I participate in.


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          Great idea.
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            I'd love a weee bit of staff support to be thrown at the Wiki's way. It's such an immensely important resource to existing players, and new ones. Would the staff consider giving Ghuan the ability to submit 3 wiki contributors, monthly, for a small RPs award? Maybe 10-25 rps for the three top wiki contributors each month?


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              I need to reach out for wiki access so I can upload lore
              "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."


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                I agree with Elowynn the wiki is why I stayed long enough to get involved with the community. I don't know if RPs thrown his way is a sufficent reward but something for what he is doing for the community I think is in line.


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                  [OOC: Event took place on June 18th 2019]

                  At night on the 14th day of Scran in the 291st Year of the Republic, Amarian, who is the First Guard and servant of Darie Allende (The High Priest's Proxy to the Senate), sought assistance from Iridine's residents to make his way to Blackvine. Torgeir led Amarian all the way to Vetallun and then some of the folks assembled there joined them on the road to Blackvine. Meanwhile, Darie Allende made a short appearance in Blackvine and discussed a few things with some who were assembled there before he retired for the night.

                  Upon reaching Blackvine, Amarian let us know that Darie Allende had some visions which involved a strange place and wondered if the residents of Iridine had come in contact with it before. The visions were of a place in the middle of the oak forest where stands a tall statue of a spider nearby a trapdoor leading into some old tunnels. Some of those assembled, namely Centurion Elowynn and House Santum's Guard Aoden, knew of this place. It is then that Amarian let us know that old relics that once belonged to the Temple may be found within the ruins.

                  Centurion Elowynn led a large group through the dangerous forest and we made our way to what some call the "Spider Temple" which was situated a long ways off to the east of Blackvine. While deciding the best plan of action nearby the statue, groups of spiders surged out of the trapdoor and immediately swarmed us. Some were of the leeching kind, and I, myself, was bitten and bleeding from three wounds in a matter of time. We took care of the dangerous spiders and then made our way through some narrow tunnels until we reached an area where a stone lay covering a sunburst sign, which when pressed, opened a hidden passage to a nearby room. In this room we found a gold-veined altar which likely belonged to the Temple of Ereal at one point or another.

                  After a little bit of time rummaging through the area we were caught by surprise by a monstrous spider, over twelve feet high, that tried to eat us alive. With Ereal's blessing, we were able to pull through largely unharmed, but the beast was unlike any those assembled had ever seen before. It was a truly terrifying sight. If not for Darie Allende's visions, Amarian would not have been able to find the next hidden passage which lead to multiple series of tunnels.

                  We made our way through and finally found what he had been searching for: an old statue of a woman wielding an ancient spear with a broad iron blade clutching a sunstone. The statue was also covered in interlocking bronze scaled armor which was also retrieved. As Amarian so aptly said, the sunstone blade was the relic of importance. Once it was obtained, we made our way out of the "Spider Temple" and I hope that we will never have to set foot again in this awful yet masterfully crafted hideout.

                  If you wish to learn more about this "Spider Temple", there is a tome which can be purchased from Floralie's shop at the Singing Informer detailing the last moments of the dying man who devised these ruins.

                  Faithful Servant of Ereal and Watchful Citizen,
                  Signed, Illun Vaerimus.


                  All events posted here in the forums will be written from an IG perspective. The events posted on the Wiki will contain more OOC info so they can easily be tagged and indexed. I would also make these readily available IG, but right now I can't seem to get things formatted properly in Orchil and it looks horrible.

                  Kered: I sent you a DM with the info to gain access to the Wiki. If you have any further questions regarding formatting or editing, I'll be happy to help.


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                    I'd love to see these released IG, perhaps posted in Message Offices. Or collected into Codex form for like an IG year (3 months RL?) and submitted to the library (somethign like Iridine Local Happenings - Year 291'). I could probably throw in a new bookshelf category called 'Local News' if I had at least a few submissions to work with.
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                      Nice I think this will be a great addition to the gameworld and prevent further loss of lore.


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                        I will be happy to add the Traevant.

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