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    Originally posted by Dark997895 View Post

    Ariston teaches Nelsor Basics to 70, moves to 50. The guy in the Silver Wolves place (that you need permission from the guild leader to access) teaches Nelsor to 90 basics, 70 moves.
    Silver Wolves has a trainer??? O.o
    A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome says to a ram in Cineran, "Oh yes, hit me now, you bad bad bad sheep."
    A woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome is stunned.
    A ram bumps roughly into a woman in a shiny boison helmet with an absurdly tall dome with its head!.

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      I for one just can't wait for Tales riverside animal invasion. Sure, it could be trout, or the mice spawn too greatly and we get the newbie-zone equivalent of a Toga rat crate.
      Personally, I haven't seen it in the swamp, but town concentrate players. A town built so in tune with the river? Leeches. A little bit of a drought and the leeches desperately pile out of the river bank onto the river walks and open air markets.


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        Originally posted by TEC_Ghuan View Post

        There is a Pankration/Brawling trainer that teach up to 300/175 in Seld.
        That's good news for those who want that training!


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          Originally posted by Dragonus View Post

          Silver Wolves has a trainer??? O.o
          Whatever stable it is that's straight east of the Bronze Lane mark does, yeah.


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            You mean to the West? And the Silver Wolves and CL have no in house trainers


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              Yeah, the CL does. Teaches all the gladiator styles (Nelsor, Trident, and Whips). Seld has rendered him obsolete though.


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                Originally posted by Ellingson View Post
                You mean to the West? And the Silver Wolves and CL have no in house trainers
                I actually meant to the east. West of the Bronze Lane mark is the Ludus Valerius, which is the newbie ludus. Directly to the east, into the narrow alley all the way to the gates is the Cruentus Laureola stable house. My mistake on mixing up stables.


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                  Real quick though.

                  Originally posted by Tale View Post
                  Along with the release of the Seld trainers, other trainers in the gameworld have had their ranks raised to match, giving everyone the opportunity to train to be a bad mo-fo. Big hint - the retired heavy-hitters tend to like their peace and quiet, and are usually found as far from big city life as they can get.
                  I checked both the CL trainer and Ariston, and neither of them have had their ranks raised to match. Is this an oversight or did I misinterpret what your statement means?


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                    i'd say you misinterpreted the statement, the middle of the city is hardly very far from the big city life.


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                      Originally posted by Dark997895 View Post
                      Real quick though.

                      I checked both the CL trainer and Ariston, and neither of them have had their ranks raised to match. Is this an oversight or did I misinterpret what your statement means?
                      Misinterpret, he's basically saying the way out of place trainers for the other skills now match Seld's level so everyone has a fair/equal level of training from npcs.

                      Specifically, axes, staves, avros, crushing, and knives. The others got their trainers in Seld for the most part unless I forgot one.


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                        Thanks muchly, good to be clear on these things.


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                          Originally posted by Ciaran View Post
                          Specifically, axes, staves, avros, crushing, and knives. The others got their trainers in Seld for the most part unless I forgot one.
                          One-handed swords?


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                            Rock valley
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                              Originally posted by Dragonus View Post
                              Firstly, I do want to say that Seld is a great addition and it really feels like its own city. Kudos to all the hard work from the GMs that went into its release.

                              As for feedback. Maybe a bin or crate in the blacksmith area to store forging tools. Also, do the kiln and forge light indefinitely or can they run out of whatever they use to light them?
                              The furnaces should act just as they do elsewhere. The kiln is for clay molds, whereas the forge is for melting metal. I've add a large trunk for firewood and tools.

                              Originally posted by Knowless View Post
                              I don't think the Locksmith shop has jobs available, this would be a nice thing. I'm assuming there are plans for such in the future but I figured I'd point it out regardless.

                              A medic/healers shop/tent would be nice too of course.

                              Any plans at all for anything tailor focused?

                              Would really be awesome if some wooded region was added somewhere, maybe over across the river, that you could take a boat across for woodies. Or even just outside the eastern gate. Maps do show there to be woods there abouts. A nice newbie-ish wooded area would be nice. So there are options for them instead of just the north woods. Which does get kind of crowded at times.

                              I feel the need to offer a little constructive criticism in regards to the gardens, I was really hoping for more, and I find the that they are lacking in potential. I just think perhaps something more involving could be done with them instead of just searching over and over. Considering this is a rep creating activity this could be easily abused, (you did leave digging sand and gravel off the rep building potential because of the ease of filling sacks and emptying them, this is not much different in nature.) It's beyond simplistic and even newbies won't find them at all involving. We want them to have fun, not be bored out of their gourds. I know it's a rather narrow line in between in TEC but can we maybe make it more involving? Like, in the spring, digging holes with hoes (actually give these ingame implements a purpose) and burying seeds, going and getting water and watering the plants? During the summer you can weed, and water, tend the crops and maybe give the ability for outdoorspeople to search for grubs to de-worm/insect the plots. Then come fall, have the harvesting of the crops that have grown. and the cleaning of the area. I just think that it's something that could have a little more added to that wouldn't be that difficult to code (I would not think). I'd like to see them as something more than just newbie jobs, that anyone who wants to rp the tending of a garden could enjoy it.
                              Just a few ideas.
                              There is a medic tent and a bath in Franlius, which is connected to Seld via the (paid, but relatively cheap) wagon for now, with plans for a free drover at a later date.

                              There is a brand new wooded hilltop area - Dog Hill. It's the new forested area the BHC entrance is centered in and just north by northwest of Seld. Seld sits on a river, next to grasslands, and a few minutes from the wooded area (a bit less walk time as the walk from the toga to the north woods).

                              You've only experienced one season of the gardens so far. You use different tools to do different jobs each season, and the animals change with the seasons as well. However, garden upgrades are planned for the future.

                              As for is a tiny fishing village, and I honestly couldn't think of any IG justification to shoehorn anything tailoring related into it.

                              Originally posted by GinaDana View Post
                              Would you consider having the blacksmith repair weapons?
                              She'd need an assistant unless everyone would be ok with her asking you 'what do you want me to do with this?" every time you hand her something you're trying to sell. Given the options, I figured pepple would rather sell to her and get their stuff repaired in Franlius where they'd actually be fighting.

                              Originally posted by Dogg View Post
                              Yeah, the CL does. Teaches all the gladiator styles (Nelsor, Trident, and Whips). Seld has rendered him obsolete though.
                              His ranks were raised slightly to be even across the three skillsets, and his training cosst have been reduced by 10%, because he's a guild trainer.

                              GoL go the same treatment with theirs.

                              Originally posted by PhilippeCP View Post

                              One-handed swords?
                              The public Avros trainer in Monlon has had One-Handed Swords added to his repertoire.

                              Originally posted by TEC_Ghuan View Post

                              There is a Pankration/Brawling trainer that teach up to 300/175 in Seld.

                              New suggestion: In an effort to help players better understand mechanics and their effects, I would highly recommend that any skills that do NOT have any bonuses past a certain rank not be taught any higher than the max. This should apply to all weapon grips/accuracy, reflexes/footwork, weapon stances, missile defense/arrow awareness/feint awareness and any other skills that have a hard cap on their effects and receive no bonuses from higher rank bonus. Having these skills higher than their max (90-100) only provides confusion.
                              I went through and capped all the trainers of these skills at 100. Good catch!

                              Originally posted by TEC_Ghuan View Post
                              A few things I've noticed and some that I may have missed:

                              1) The amount of money earned by killing the creatures seemed too low. The time/money ratio isn't reasonable currently.
                              2) The amount of HP the fruit bats have is waaaaay too high. It took me 6 devastating cuts to knock one out.
                              3) The fruit bats seem harder to hit than any of the other newbie friendly creatures out there. At rank 60/1 in berserk I had a 20 something success if I recall. They might require some slight tweaks. Their offense seemed pretty similar to the sandcrabs in Quartz Heights, if I recall. I didn't keep any notes.
                              4) The amount of HP the mice have seems more reasonable, but might be a tad bit high for newbies. I had damage boost due to higher ranks and a decent weapon/damaging move.
                              5) The amount of coin made by searching an area seemed a bit on the low side, but that could be a seasonal thing. I didn't write down any notes, but I believe it was close to 2 denars 1 sens per search. It seemed slower than searching for apples in the orchard, but I didn't time it, so can't really comment on that aspect.
                              6) Implementation of go ko = death for the creatures as it is on the Island would be a massive improvement. Having to lose fatigue due to using the 'kill' command and failing makes it a pain.
                              7) Addition: The Officium de Humanitas should open up a branch in Seld and it would make perfect sense for it to happen, too. The Village has been struck hard by the bandits and having a Cult presence sponsored by some patricians or what not could make perfect sense. It's possible there is one, but I haven't seen it.
                              8) Addition: Baths. I haven't seen any, but it's possible there are some and I just missed it.
                              9) Addition: NPC Healer: It's possible there is one, but I haven't seen any.
                              10) Addition: Dumps outside of Seld. Maybe in terms of danger somewhat similar to the Iridine dumps/RV critter alley?
                              11) Addition: Rowboats rental. This is something that was done in the past and is present in Monlon. Would be fun if we could go from Vetallun to Seld, Seld to Vetallun, Seld to Monlon and Monlon to Seld.
                              12) Addition: Ferry from Vetallun to Seld. Ferry from Seld to Monlon.
                              13) Addition: Non-com missions/jobs.
                              14) Feedback: At Salvare's shop, only 3 things are mentioned that will raise Seld reputation. Could there be other things that could be added? Small Seld-related missions or even the net-mending/garden management? I know they could technically be botted easily with no danger involved, but so can mining for ore. Could always add a daily cap on how much rep it can give.
                              1. It's designed to give more money the lower skilled you are, but still viable for high-end people if they just want to putter around with it.
                              2. They're supposed to have more hp than normal. Killing them is not the valuable part of the experience. The money for beating on them, and the skill points are. That's why they have no loot.
                              3. Bats are not for newbies - they're for lowbies. The mice are for newbies. Mice are year-round, but the other critter changes with the season, and each have different problems to solve.
                              4. Again, killing isn't the goal - they're worthless. It's about the fight itself - sp + monies. Fodien pays based on how hard the fight was for you. She pays for effort, not results.
                              5. It's a script-able newbie job. Of course it doesn't pay much. That's why there are mice you could theoretically make money on even if you just punched them unskilled.
                              6. The mice already have this. It's native to all 'newbie' creatures. Again, only the mice are 'newbie' creatures.
                              7. They have virtually no funding, which is evident if you visit their offices (they're shabby AF), and the entire point was to get city bums/layabouts motivated to contribute to society.
                              8. Franlius has baths. You can take the wagon.
                              9. Franlius has a healer's tent. You can take the wagon.
                              10. Seld itself is a 'safe' place. It was designed that way. Tier 1 of Franlius is just a wagon ride away.
                              11. Rowboats are buggy AF and I'm not familiar enough with their code to even comment on them. I'll point Senses in their direction though. Wierd coordinate mechanics is more their thing.
                              12. In the words, and planned for the future. Very old, unnecessarily complicated code needs to be deciphered and retooled to make that happen.
                              13. Net mending, gardening, and lowbie critter farming are what's available for now. We can't add more missions until we overhaul the current mission code, since it's technically already ebing used past its design limits via work-arounds to try to accommodate the glut of missions we already have.
                              14. Net-mending and garden management already give rep - that rep is converted directly to coin via Fodien, and you get dual credit at the OdH for newbies as well. Pulling triple-duty is a bit of a stretch, but we're still discussing options in that regard. Also, mining has no danger yet. I'm not finished tinkering with mining quite yet. I just had to do the basics as-is for the road project and had to spend my time on Seld. Once I finish cleaning up minor bugs and abalnce issues post-release, I'll get back into it more.
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                                Tremendous. Tale you've outdone yourself.
                                I think this is truly exceptional. Even though we might all have little bits we want here and there (players always want more amirite?) this can universally hailed as a great addition to the game.