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    Seld absolutely is in major need of a NPC healer. Like it’s proximity to the new BHC and the fact that bandits will likely attack people on the road create a need for it. Having to hop on a wagon to Franlius is a little bit of a ride since not many player healers just have a reason to hang around Seld. Bathhouse I can live without.


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      A suggestion re: Seld wagons. I hope this is the start of more quick travel wagons, which will link the city, Vetallun, Blackvine, Monlon, Seld and Franlius. However, I hope that the wagon drover can be made to keep track of traveler's names, and to restrict (if they don't already), any travelers with warrants or covers down. This would be to prevent travelers from traveling invisibly and bypassing roads. In addition, more chokepoints need checkpoints - the boat to Franlius needs a pat down, for one. Perhaps all wagons do, too.

      Thanks for considering.

      - TheD


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        Law doesn't already have enough of an advantage?


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          No actually law keepers don’t have too many advantages, except inside the city. I personally think that this backwater town shouldn’t have all of the necessaries. If someone wants to play a dedicated healer in Seld, go for it. I think this provides a good Rp opportunity. But there should be diversity of areas. Sure provide a bath as every town has one but for the rest walk to the city.