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    Tale/Siddhe/Staff, I think a huge portion of the anger could have been avoided by posting about upcoming changes with the reasonable and logical points you've made, as opposed to a surprise after the fact.

    "The staff has debated and discussed this for a few weeks, and we've decided that the current profit margins available to someone who has gotten lucky and rolled a broker is unreasonable. We are buffing 80% of the playerbase's minimum price, which unfortunately means cutting into the other 20 %'s margins by an estimated X amount. We understand that some players may have invested significant RP purchases into stats for this purpose, and we will be evaluating the refund/reallocation of those stat point purchases in the last 12-24 months following the trait revamp. To minimize the impact to your characters income, we are telling you two weeks in advance (or delaying this until traits are ready) If there are other concerns that you feel have not been addressed, please let us know!"

    I'm sure the handful of people with top tier brokers, people who have spent weeks re-rolling brokers, or people who've dropped a few thousand RP into the relevant stats would grumble, you definitely can't please everyone. I'd imagine the large majority of the playerbase would be overjoyed to see something like this posted about an upcoming change.


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      Far as I know, can't increase socials, even if you do buy the attribute potentials... only way I know of is story points. (which I used)


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        Yeah so I guess you didn't earn it.....
        Excellent point Patrick


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          Thanks for the explanation, Tale.

          I'm sure the GMs discuss the merits before making any change like this, but I would agree that it's nice to have that reiterated as part of the change announcement to help players understand the reasoning.

          I'm on board with this change. My character previously received only 37.5% of the price that a top-tier broker could get (for selling leather, at least). I assume that was near the bottom of the barrel, and because of that huge price differential, I felt obligated to always wait for a broker before selling anything. Trying to quickly drag around wagonloads of loot at the right moment, which takes a lot of extra time and effort, and often interrupted my own roleplay if I would rather be doing something elsewhere, is not something I find to be a fun kind of micromanagement. It may encourage some extra roleplay on occasion, but more likely the time saved from having that forced requirement will also allow roleplay, and a greater variety of it.

          On the other hand it is nice to have the option of using a broker when one is readily available at the moment they're needed, or for characters who care more about min-maxing their profits. And it's nice to have another "role" for character to play if they want to be a broker for roleplay reasons. So it's nice to see the option hasn't been removed.

          I would've tried to post more concrete numbers, but (somewhat aptly?) I have not seen a broker available for over a week at the times I've been logged in, so I haven't had the chance. Without a broker it is hard to judge with the way prices fluctuate, but my character appears to be receiving slightly less than double her old prices (maybe 65-70% of what a top broker could get?). Good enough that I can feel fine selling my own goods now without being at a complete disadvantage.
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            The biggest issue is, not that they raise the bar, but that they're making social stats less relevant, and traits like gullible more valuable to have, while making traders tongue less valuable.
            For a game where they claim choices matter, negating the choice that you're bad with money, and people, doesn't really hold up.