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Altenes in the Soldiers of Ereal?

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  • Altenes in the Soldiers of Ereal?

    I'm posting this after witnessing a certain Altene (name starts with a 'L') apply for membership into the SoE.

    You cannot believe in two gods, and Ereal and Erai'Theran. Both are completely different religions set around different gods (although both are the sun).

    You cannot believe in TWO gods, I suggest that the person involved, and people like him, do their research first...It results in a lot less Bad RPing...

    Just had to get that off my chest...Sorry

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    What do you mean you can't believe in two gods? I suppose as a child you didn't believe in the easter bunny cause Santa already had that spot? We don't require a "God" slot in the mechanics of this game. I don't see why it would be ooc in the least to believe in more that one god. Parcines believe in many different gods I believe. I understand they are more minor gods of winds, rain, thunder, and the like(waits to see if a parcines god strikes him down). And Erai'Theran and Ereal are more major gods. Though they both occupy the sun as form of worship. My character is an open minded Altene. He believes that the Republics worship of Ereal is the healer/nurturer part of Erai'Theran, and it happens to be the aspect of him that they put emphasis on. Where the Altenes focus on the warrior side of the sun god. IMHO an Altene with that view on it would feel right at home in the Soldiers of Ereal. If that is OOC, I'll have to relearn my whole rping perspective. I'm fairly sure it ain't.
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      The last time I heard anything about it in game, the Cult of Ereal viewed Erai'Theran as the same god as Ereal. I remember a lady asking if the priesthood was open to Altenes, and the priest responded that 'the children of Erai'Theran are welcome here'.

      This has been played up as an offensive view by a few Altenes, but for the most part, it's either tolerated or accepted as truth.
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        Hydropig, I suggest you do a little bit of research before criticizing others. Tarsos holds a position in the SoE and is very much Altene.

        My own character is Altene, believes in Erai'Theran, but she has seen too much to not believe in Ereal.

        Although, they might be different gods, she believes as Jakester does, Ereal is the gentler, nurturing side, and Erai'Theran is the more warlike aspect of the two.

        Just my thoughts.
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          Ereal, and Erai'Theran are actually different gods. They are similar in the sense that they both represent the sun. If you want a comparison you could use Pluto, and Anubis, both gods of the dead in the old world, but one would hardly call them the same god(sorry I couldn't remember the greek god of the sun ). There are differences in the way each god is worshiped, how the god is seen, and more or less what aspects that god has control over (Ereal is strictly the sun god, while Erai'Theran is not only the sun god, but also has some sway over the realm of war, much like Athena). Like most countries within Midlight Iridine allows the worship of Erai'Theran, mostly because it doesn't do to call mercenary troops you plan on hiring heritics. This decision hasn't gone over well with everyone, and their are extremists on both ends (Altene and Iridine) who see things much differently. The average person, and your average priest, isn't really going to care, as long as your worshiping some god of the sun, and not one of the moon gods, who cares what you think he looks like, and what else you've added to the god. Extremists would not hold to this belief at all, stressing the differences and pointing out that they are not in fact, one god.

          Since the Soldiers of Ereal actually see Ereal as a more warlike god, and believe in conquest to spread his word, out of all the factions within Iridine, this would be the most likely for an Altene to join(It'd be hard to see an Altene join the Sect of the morning light when they emphasis healing, a skill most Altene's are not known for).

          Oh and Hydropig is right, within Iridine you can't worship two gods. There is only Ereal. However, unless your playing an extremist type character you are only worshiping one god.


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            Glad to see someone mentioned the Parcines in here somewhere. Can understand the IG reaction to someone mentioning Gods...but rather irritating if someone considers it bad RPing for doing so.
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              Is a rock a stone? is a stone a rock? some may say a stone is a stone some may say a rock is a rock, i may say a stone is a rock...

              Same goes with Ereal-Erái'Theran, the Sun God is the Sun God no matter what you decide to call him, this the point of view of the Altenes that enter the SoE, and of the SoE that accept the Altenes, the cult of the Sun God may have its diferences from country to country, but its the same... some says Erai'Theran represents one of the aspects of Ereal, i prefer to say they like to call Erai' Theran as Ereal in Iridine...

              You may choose to accept this theory, or you may choose to be a extremist not agreeing that they are the same, but to say its bad role-playing to take them as the same just shows you ill-minded, and not open to real role-playing and to diferent point of views than yours.

              (i will not fall into any semantic discussion about the meaning of "equivalent" again, guess this alredy has been discussed alot).


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                My view was they were different Gods but the temple accepts them as the same because they really don't want to annoy the Altenes. To the every day person in Iridine they are the same god and the only people who would debate the point would be temple scholars.

                But saying they're both sun gods so they're the same thing doesn't work. If we look at real history we see that Lug and Mithras were both very different deities with different legends surrounding them, different rituals involved in their worship and different preisthoods. They were also both sun gods.
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                  Sorry to barge in here, but the Greek sun god was Helios. Unlike Egypt, which held the sun god Ra up as the most powerful, Greece viewed Helios as a fairly minor god.

                  Usually it depended on how tolerant one culture was towards another. For example, the Norse viewed Jesus as another god, whereas Christians turned the Norse gods into demons. Some cultures will see a similar god in another culture as a blasphemy, or a misguided view of their own god. As well, there are sometimes individuals within that culture who hold seperate opinions on the matter.

                  It all depends on how accepting the religion is. If they burn heretics, they will probably not accept other gods at all. And the monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam traditionally were more strict than polytheistic religions like the Sumerians, Greeks, Norse, Romans, etc.

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                    hmm.. you folks are comparing polytheist cultures, but if you take a real look, you will see the cult of Ereal is monotheist based, and i belive the cult of Era'Theran is also (they dont mention other gods, thought they mention a entity called Incara, into their help files).

                    and the christian, jew and islam God can be considered the same thought each religion worshipt Him in a different way.
                    comparing then into a monotheist base can make one take them as the same one...

                    But again, is fer each one to choose what to belive or not...


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                      to put it bluntly(i'm good at that) The Romans Had like 10 gods...


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                        Ereal = Erai'Theran

                        To clarify things for all Altene players out there,

                        According to GM Jenn, who had a major hand in designing Altene culture, religion, and customs, Erai'Theran is Ereal. Both are simply different names for the same God, even though Altene and Iridine peoples worship different aspects of him.

                        I believe Arcano's comparison of the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim God is most apt in this case. The worship of Ereal differs between Iridine and Altene, Iridine and Cinera, and Cinera and Aestiva... but it is nonetheless the same god.


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                          You mean I was kinda right and Annatar was wrong? Don't believe that's ever happened before..

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