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    The combat system right now needs some fixing, thats one of the main reasons i decided to leave for a while. I enjoy roleplaying and all, dont get me wrong. But its quite frustrating when you've invested so much time and have ranks, that not many can match up to, and still can't hit a darn thing. I'm hoping taking a few months off, then coming back will have given some time to correct a few flaws in the system. In the meantime, nobodys allowed to get better then Rindak, or if already better you are not allowed to train *eyeshift* Don't wanna come back and have Buddius Lovius beatin me down


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      Originally posted by Malastar1
      My main character has Inhuman agility and while it does give him a big in no way has ever made him as hard ta hit as Andrew is claiming.
      When I am in berserk jess bout anyone with any real skill can hit me and hit me with not much difficulty. Even though I have several ACM moves and all my Stave defenses between 20-10.
      Think about we really want the GM's ta mess with the stats?
      I agree. I have sparred grandmasters with Viviana, and never did they have that much of a problem hitting me (I think I said this before). Secondly, Viviana, tho having some good physical stats, is a balanced character. I chose "introverted" when I sent her through the trait thingy because I have rped her as socially akward and shy. This on top of her being altene has reduced the ammount of denar she gets from merchants. She has to work harder to make a living and this adds balance.

      On top of this, it seems that much of this is sour grapes. I created Viviana once; I never rerolled her. I had only had one combat character before her (the knives woman with superhuman speed) and was told that stats aren't everything. I had no clue how agility affected game mechanics. I didn't find out until Viviana started to spar, and then I realised what was up with it.
      However, as "phenomenal" as her agility is, people are able to hit her. Her attributes have been enhanced with weapon blocks and ACM's and I am considering sheilds for her. If I was so untouchable why whould I waste good offensive sp on this?

      Furthermore, I think too much time is spent in the forums pissing and moaning about how easy someone else has it. Below is a satrical post I could write about how the combat system could be changed:
      Begining of satirical post:

      I really think that spears, tridents, swords, clubs, cestus and whips are too strong offensively. I mean really. An axe on the end of a 4 foot stick should easily take on any of these weapons. Also, I think that the damage bonus for strength should be lessened. I mean Viviana only has fairly good strenth and I see people half as skilled as me doing major bruising on the same critters as I only bruising on. I don't care if they are inhumanly strong or not. Also, ACm's need to be beefed up and weapon blocks should be lessoned in every weapon, unless axes get some new blocks. Additionally, I think that the speed bonus should be lessoned. We should all have the same round time. It is only fair. I won't be happy until everyone who uses any weapon except axes has to be at least a master in their weapon before they can hunt anywhere tougher than the pits.

      End of satirical post



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        I have to disagree with reducing the whip damage. The damage must be high in order to balance out the lack of blocks and the difficulty of training.

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          I was just kidding


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            Figure noone can understand a joke nowerdays hmm
            Satire definition:
            Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.

            Personally I think Viv's post was great. It pointed out satirically well Andrew's crusade to get everything but his weapon /skills downgraded.
            Please Andrew people work hard on their weapons. Stats really don't mean a lot and a good fighter compensates for poor stats with good skill. Its the luck of the draw. Nothing needs to be changed. Please stop whining about it.
            The only things that really need major work are the non combat skills. Everything else needs tweaking.
            Agility doesn't need to be tweaked if you have good agility you will be better at getting out of poor situations.
            Bad agility like most of my characters and you are more likely to get hit.
            Accept that its the luck of the draw and please stop critisising those with good stats.


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              Thanks honey...*swoons*



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                Viviana, Macro, thank you. I started to really feel bad about my character because I was "stuck", my strength isn't incredibly high and I can't raise it without spending a whole lot of RPs, and my character is a clubber by trade. I'm pleased to know that if I work hard at my skills I can compensate someday.

                At least none of my physical skills are below average...
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                  Further stuff

                  Further to this certain stats like agility can be raised on the obstacle course to a certain limit, eg til you "max" out.
                  According to the help files also though I have not done it personally you can then "buy" an increase in your stat with rps, many have done this.

                  Ten point increase for attribute potential 1000
                  Will increase the maximum potential of an attribute. The increase
                  purchased may not necessarily be sufficient to be demonstrated with the 'stats' command, e.g., exceptional to inhuman. The attribute potential
                  is increased however, and will reach maximum value with work on the
                  training courses.



                  There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. So you have to begin there, not outside, not on other people. That comes afterwards, when you have worked on your own corner.
                  - Aldous Huxley


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                    Alright, we all know agility helps a great deal, I myself started with good agility, and spent a great many weeks in the training grounds training my stats higher..I never thought to reroll..
                    My point is, most stats have a large effect on your character. Strength not only determines extra damage, but how much weight your character can carry. That is something that takes effect at all times. Dexterity determines how often you do a critical hit..that is extrememly important. Not to mention bonuses for healing, etc. Speed is a direct factor in round time, something I wish I had more of. My point is that if you are unhappy with your stats, TRAIN! I had to. I started with 8 stats below average. I never knew it was such a big deal. If you are maxed out in the area you wish to build, do what I had to do, and spent those carefully hoarded rps and get an increase in potential. If there is something about yourself/character you don't like, fix it. Or deal with it..either way. Just don' try breaking someting down because it doesn't fit into your list of bonuses. It's roleplay people, not math. Enjoy yourselves.

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                      I'd still like a better type of training grounds ;p.

                      I mean really what's the problem of limiting training when you already limit our max potential?

                      Not to mention that I actually have noticed that you can only pass through the courses easily if you're already good with your stats ;p. That's no fun, well except for the maxing rerollers. I mean if we still have to spend at least around 4000rp to get all our stats to semi decent levels why not make it a bit easier to train than a simple, I dare you to script, obstacle course?, I wouldn't really mind if it took anywhere from 20-30 minutes to train an equivalent of one decent stat boost. It'd even be nice just as an option to the courses.

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                        that 2nd course with the 4 parts to it gets right on my nerves i went and completed it the first time i tried it and though yeah i think this wont be so bad then i spent 4hr on it and didnt compelete it again *grunts* its just to hard and i was wondering if its posible to make it just a little easier
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                          I always portrayed Marnicus as slightly impatient... something which rises to the surface at certain moments. He tried that course all of ten times before walking off in disgust. He even made it through the other course around ten times in total before, in seperate intervals. How can you people stand going through that over and over again, anyway?


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                            Your memory is abysmal too Shaden right (kidding). Actually, you are sort of my role model for one of my characters with crappy endurance. I am not going to re-roll her cos I want to sort of have a challenge. Most of her major physcial stats (strength, agility and endurance) are all average or below. She is tiny (departure from most of my characters), but I am going to make her a kick arse fighter. I am up for the challenge. It is actually a lot of fun.

                            Atama, very good strength is just that, very good. With axes and clubs, how much power behind the swing is important, BUT, it isn't everything. Besides that, that strength is just fine for clubs. Viviana has fairly good strength, and I run her through the obstacle course every so often, but if she maxes out there or at good I don't care. I know her strengths and her weaknesses. I would never want to play an omnipotant character.

                            I guess all I am asking is to leave the stats where they are. Modifying the game around ones personal strengths and weaknesses is so much more unfair than any inbalance that may or may not exist in the game



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                              Re: Joking

                              Originally posted by Macro

                              Andrew's crusade to get everything but his weapon /skills downgraded.
                              1. Archery- All I asked for was an ACM and shield move to block Archery.

                              2. Axes- Never posted on it, and am fine with it the way it is.

                              3. Cestii- Like it the way it is.

                              4. Clubs- Don't recall ever posting about this, and I also think it's fine.

                              5. Knife- Actually posted for more damage and a low block.

                              6. Non-combat skills- I think that woodsie folk and locksmithing needs to be badly redone. Healing needs to also be worked on a bit. I would have liked for these to have happened before all the other things came out.

                              7.Shield- I think the bonus for just wielding a shield should be gone, but I'm sure too many people would object to that as it is. No point in even posting about it.

                              8. Spear- Posted against spear throw a few times, and I do hate the move. Hate any move that is unable to be blocked.

                              9. Stave- Posted that the moves should be stronger a bit.

                              10. Sword- Haven't posted at all about it, but I feel it is well-balanced, if it is lacking an exciting move or two.

                              11. Trident- Think the damage is a bit extreme, but I haven't posted at all about it.

                              12. Whip- Haven't posted at all about it, but I think it is fine.

                              13. Stats- Out of order, I know. I wish they didn't play such a large role in combat, or that there was a larger limit on the training courses.

                              I've only posted around fifty to sixty times over two years. Look around. More people have posted about various weapons in a month. I'd say 20 of my posts were worthless, 20 were on different weapons, and 20 were on the combat system on the whole. In case you haven't noticed, I haven't even bothered posting again about the agility after the initial few because it seems the majority of the players in TEC like it the way it is. The posts of mine that I value the highest are the ones that help everyone, or at least the people who are fighters. Some of those are on topics like combat events and NPC difficulty. I never meant for my posts to be spiteful, and if they appeared that way, I guess I really should apologize. In the future, I shall limit my posting to areas in which all of TEC agrees on. I simply tried to point out what I thought was wrong with TEC combat, and if that is "crusade to get everything but his weapons/skills downgraded", I guess I am at fault.



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                                Originally posted by Andrew04

                                How is the gladius so unstoppable when we don't have any moves like spear thrust, disarming moves that do damage, and many of the other moves that bypass an opponent's main blocks? Absolutely none of our moves bypass an opponent's weapon's blocks. Should we complain about that? I don't think so because I think the sword skillset is pretty well balanced. Save your criticisms for a weapon more deserving.

                                Andrew, Iridine's first self-proclaimed King of the Idiots.
                                You posted on Annatar's board that people who have over 10 talents were either in The Guild or cheating. Then when rebuffed you posted a thread on thieving being too easy. Of course your skill is well balanced use that skill.