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  • Come one, come all

    Hey Ya'll,

    I guess this is kinda belated, but I (messenius;mssn_head), won't be sticking around TEC any longer. It was a tough thing to do. I'll miss all the Role-Playing we did in the game; it was truely genuine. Kudos to the GMs for a job well done on the game. Its been 5 years since the game was created, I've been around for two years, and I must say that the GMs have done a phenomenal job on the gameworld. They've expanded it so much and keep adding depth to it for new roleplaying opportunities. There is truly no other game out there like it.

    Anyway, if you knew Messenius, and around New York City, please call me up and we can meet. Maybe I'll even give you a tour of the place (I don't have a car though, which is fine, because mahattan is a pretty damn small place). Email me at or contact me through aim: miko1120.

    See ya'll around and happy RPing!
    "Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children." - Kahlil Gibran

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    Wow, Messenius's player lives in New York too...?

    This'll just make my wanted trip to New York doubley interesting if I ever remember to contact you.
    I prefer my own reality cause everyone elses sucks.


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      new york *smirks*

      damn the new york Giants

      Go philly!!

      Had to put that in


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        Ack! I thought you might be staying!

        Kari will be heartbroken now.

        Will miss ya.

        I'll be around ICQ when I get back in-country, so maybe I'll drop a message or somethin.

        Keep cool and have fun!!!
        ICQ: 42523237