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Emotes in Yelling?

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  • Emotes in Yelling?

    the number of people at the games yelling with emotes is astounding. It is completely unacceptable and just plain dumb. You are yelling a action? That's not even possible. Putting * * around it doesn't make it right.
    I saw older players doing it, then should know better.

    Since when did OOC become fashionable?
    Sorry, had to get it off my chest.

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    I noticed it at the games to and it annoys me ever so slightly.


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      People also emote in think. Does that bother anyone? No... I suggest that you worry about the bigger things, like the shortage of pastry bakerys *laughs while yelling* *eyeshift* Well, this game is fine where it is except for; *mumbles about the new 'taxes'...*

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        Milord, Emoting in think does bug people. Ask around. You'll never see any of my characters do it.


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          The different with emoting in yells and thinks is simple.

          Do you think in text, or in images? It's fine, IMHO, to think images...if you think of hugging someone, then you can hug.

          But how do you yell a hug? Or an eyeshift? Or a kiss? That's lame. Considering there is a GM at these events, I'd like to see OOC warnings given to those who yell things like asskick, or slap...mind you, yelling things like 'HOWL' is alright, in my mind at least, because that is something you COULD yell/howl, but you can't see outside of one screen. Same with scream, etc.

          well, my thots.
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            Well, yet another Colosseum event passes, and yet again we have this very same issue arising. Let's take a look at what we're dealing with...

            When you yell something, you are using your lungs and vocal chords to produce sound (sound being our key word), so the only emotes that might be considered acceptable while yelling are those that create audible effects (howling, cackling, and MAYBE chuckling, but I doubt that's loud enough). When you yell, the game says that you do just that.
            George -yells-, "Hey there!"
            So, if you do this...
            George yells, "*raises an eyebrow*"
            I am going to take as if George yelled this exact phrase:"raises an eyebrow!", and think he's cracked.
            Now, as TECaddicts we may actually talk like this, using descriptions instead of actual actions, but our characters do not. If I am on the other side of the Colosseum I am not going to be able to see you raise an eyebrow or snap your fingers. Hell, I'm probably not even going to be able to pick you out of the crowd unless you're wearing that billowing pink bunny stola of Andrew's. You have to be within visual range and close enough to the person (ie within the same 'square') to actually see facial expressions or gestures. If you want someone on the otherside of a football field to know that you are furrowing your brow, go over there and stand with them. If you want everyone to know you're furrowing your brow, sure, emote it. What the hell, eh? Everyone just take it as if the person were yelling,
            "I'm furrowing my brow!"
            "Good for you! I'm picking my nose do I tell everyone about it!?"

            Ugh...lack of sleep and 37 degrees celsius make for interesting forum experiences...but the point still stands. Please try to limit yelling to sound. Really it's a minor thing, easily ignored, but we all know how we love to nitpick.

            Thank you for your time (and patience),
            Helio's player
            "There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum."
            ~Arthur C. Clark


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              I started a thread a couple weeks ago about this same problem... the yelling-emotes bug me more then most things.
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                Exit if I remember correctly nearly everything that isn't done by you bugs you.
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                  Damn right, if I don't do it, it must be wrong.

                  But you can't deny that yelling emotes are bad.
                  --Thomas King--Lucius--
                  "Well I Ain't Evil, I'm Just Good Lookin' "
                  Alice Cooper
                  "This Is Beetle, Is As Bad As Can"
                  "It takes guts to run away, you know. Lots of people would be as cowardly as me if they were brave enough"


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                    well haven't been yelling emotes have thought some however will refrain though in the future.


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                      I never Think emotes either... I'm not saying it's bad RP, there's an argument about what Think is and so I can't say that you can't Think images... I just don't like using the "asterisk" method unless I'm talking OOC or chatting in IM, and since there's no OOC outside of the WA I don't use them.

                      Shouting emotes is just plain idiotic though. It shows a lack of maturity, a lack of role-playing skills, and a lack of caring. It's especially bad when compared to the level of role-playing most people deliver at other times, which is usually pretty high.
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                        My thoughts on emoting in think, is that it is perfectly fine. Emoting while yelling is pushing it to a extreme, I wouldn't do it and think its wrong. But emoting in thoughts is fine.


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                          Now what would work is if some of the adverbs were applied to yelling. Not all, just the ones that would fit. Like so-and-so yells franticly "Damn! That rat broke my arm!". Instead of : soandso yells "That rat broke my arm! *flails*"

                          Some other ideas for yelling might be:
                          yells angrily
                          yells gleefully
                          yells woafully?(kinda a reach, but I think I could put out a pretty woafull yell if I wanted to)

                          Just my thoughts on a possible cure or reduction in yell emotes.

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                            The other day the family was talking about doing this or that, a picnic, loading up the big van and going to the drive in, etc.

                            At one point I said.. "Too Cool, sounds funner to me."

                            And a guy young enough to be my son says, "Isn't it bad enough the kids are screwing up the English language? You, who know better have to encourage them?"

                            This is one of the same people who gets upset when we call the newest born baby in the family "Our little Newbie.".

                            My answer to him, and to you people who are offended by "Yelling emotes" is the same.

                            1) It is fun.

                            2) It broadens your ability to express yourself.

                            3) It is more compact.

                            Now the simple fact is this. By the way I space my words, by the way I chop them off or stretch them out, by my tone of voice, and whether I sing song my words, or a praticular word, or yoddle it, or give a "Hickory Holler" type yell, drop or raise my tones at the begging, end, or even in the middle of a word and or sentence. I can express a far wider range of "emotes" when I yell RL than we have access to in the entire written language, let alone using the relitively limited "TEC emotes".

                            The use of the things you guys are complaining about is an attempt by the players to make up for a severe deficiency in the English language in a fun way that is understandable to all other TEC players. To put it simply, it is a sort of short hand.

                            In other words instead of "Yells what are you doing down there. *raises and eyebrow*", you want the player to type out, "Yells in a playfully supercilious manner, "What are you doing down there?" (and of course someone is going to wonder what the word supercilious means, or if you made it up, or are speaking a foreign tongue and therefore being OOC.)

                            Or perhaps Nomad should subsitute "Yells Hiya Shalini, *Hugs*. with "Yells in a friendly but affectionate tone of voice, "Hya, Shalini".

                            Those of you who eliminate "emotes" from your yelling and your thots limit yoiurselves to what can be expressed in the written language alone. Which means you either eliminate the emotions that can be expressed, or you have to become very wordy. (for you puritans of the English language Wordy = Verbose). and you eliminate a lot of the possible word play from TEC.

                            And I won't even mention that over a dozen members of my family use sign language (ASL for those that know) which can be read across an entire football stadium.

                            Nomad Yells in a playfully sardonic voice while waveing his arms in large come on down here circles and warbleing his voice, "Geeet ahhhh rreee yeee yeee yeelllll" .

                            There, is that better ? *raises a questioning eyebrow*


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                              Ok... Let me clear up something that seems to be causing confusion.

                              There are two things being discussed... Yelling emotes and yelling emotions.

                              The objection that we are making is that people are yelling emotes. Emotes being actions, not emotions. You cannot yell an action. You can't by any stretch of the imagination hear a hug or arms flapping in a yell. You can't! You can hear emotions, like amusement, sadness, panic... Those are emotions.

                              Nomad, you are talking about expressing emotions in yells. That's fine. I think it's totally cool to yell "*frantically* Help me!" or "*lovingly* Hello my darling!". I think putting emotions in yells is perfectly ok, and you are totally right. On the other hand, your last sentence is wrong... How can I tell that you are "waving your hands in large come on down here circles" when I can't see you? That's the thing, you hear yells from a distance and can't see the yeller, so you won't know what actions they are doing besides yelling.

                              So don't put *scratching my head* or *smile* or *hug* or *wave my arms* or any other actions. That's bad roleplaying, it's almost as bad as emoting "Thugga pulls out his uzi and shoots you, you're dead".
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                              StoryCoder Azrael tells StoryHermit Death, "I *did* get told "you're amazing" by a girl when I was saucing my hotdog..."



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