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    I understand the point you are making, and would just like to comment on some things that you brought to mind. They are simply viewpoints and alternatives so please don't take them personally, as I respect your position.

    For those who want to role-play, you know that you need two things. People to interact with, and situations to define your character by. You need to find people who want the same thing, and have the patience to do so. All actions in the game are delayed due to reasons of typing, lag, etc... so some waiting will always be required. If the people you are playing with have better things to do than wait a few extra seconds for a non-IRC type greeting, and this frustrates you, I'd say you need to find new people to play with. Emotes do not need to be long, beautiful and elegant things, they just need to convey what you are trying to get across. If you're not constantly hitting the up arrow and enter buttons, or clicking the macro bar, your typing usually becomes adequate enough to write out a full name, or add a word or two here and there without losing an insane amout of time. I will cry the day I see people conversing like this:

    "Hi J, how R U?"

    "Good thanx, brb"

    "K"...and have it be acceptable. There is no shortage of people who are willing to carry on a conversation, or share their knowledge/experiences, you just have to find them. And if this really doesn't interest you, all you have to do is stay IC as much as possible while in-game, simply because it is required. If you cannot have fun while doing this then this may not be the game for you. I think we'd all agree to say that the most important thing is that we all enjoy ourselves without infringing upon the enjoyment of others.

    Thank you for your time,
    Helio's player
    "There is hopeful symbolism in the fact that flags do not wave in a vacuum."
    ~Arthur C. Clark


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      I think we are dealing with 3 things here.

      1) The limitations of the English language. We have a word "Yell" meaning to make a loud noise that can be heard a long ways away, but we do not have a word for a gesture that is seen a long ways away, let alone a word that encompasses both. If we did I think this convo would be different.

      2) A lack of shared experience. I seem to be the only person here who knows sign language. But one of my daughters pointed something out to me I had not thot of, as I am not a sports fan.

      Baseball and football umpires use signs that can be seen by every fan in the stadium to convey their messages. They don't yell.

      To Govan.

      Take your index finger and point at the person you are taling to at about rib high. Now make a tickling motion. Almost everyone will understand yoiu are signing *tickle you*.

      Take your hands, ball them into fists, and bring them up to your chest, crossing them. This is the sign for *Hug you* and also *Love you*.

      Take your two fingers, index and ring, and turn them toward yoiur eyes as tho you were going to poke your eyes. (This shows you are signing about your eyes) now turn them toward the person you are talking to, bend them slightly and shake them. --- You just did an *eyeshift* in sighn language.

      As for a kiss, come on, have you never blown a kiss to a friend across a crowded store ?

      There is of course one other Major difference between yelling and signing over a long distance. When you yell everyone within earshot knows you are doing it. It is Very Intrusive. When my family and I sign across a crowded room, sometimes 3 or more of us carrying on a convo, and none of us closer than 10 feet to the other, almost no one ever notices that we are doing it.

      and of course the third one, the one that perhaps rules us most.

      3) The capability of game mechanics. Obviously there are many things that cannot be done. And of the things that can be done you have to choose the greatest benefit for the time devoted to it. I don't think anyone would consider solving this worth the effort.

      The upshot for me on this topic is that I have said everything I can possibly say on it. And while I will personally never critisize anyone else for emoting while yelling, I will try to avoid it in my own yells.