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  • Good Rpers Being Overlooked

    I had posted this in the thread about mail correspondence, but due to not wanting to make that thread a flame fest I decided to post it in its own seperate thread.

    I think good rping should be rewarded no matter if it is at an event, in the mail, or just caught off guard. I think there are many good rpers out there that are overlooked because (and this may not be the case, but I cant see any other explanation for it) too much time is spent observing those "top 10 rpers". I think more avenues for people to be observed not in the Full group sense would be good. As even though events can be fun, they are often overcrowded and too many people get overlooked.

    I know that the last event in the steps there was some good rping going on in the small group that I was in, but we weren't part of the larger group and, well I know I didn't get anything, mind you I dont really care either way, I play the game to play the game. But I also dont think its fair that the same people over and over get all the rewards. I hear terms like gm pet and brownnoser all the time, and its hard to overlook when it seems certain players get alot of recognition and reward for roleplaying when I see alot of really good rping going unobserved. I know really good rpers who have barely ever recieved any bps, and I know myself I've only recieved 2 .. which I recieved I think for merely going to the event not the way I rp'd at it. I dont claim to be the greatest rper, as a matter of fact I would say I'm so so, but I do have my moments and I do TRY. This brings to mind a question ... WHAT exactly do the gms think is good rp? Is it the way someone emotes with every word that they utter? Is it staying in character and doing things you would yourself shudder at but manage to pull off because it is your character and not you? What exactly are they looking for?
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    You pick out a biscuit from some biscuits.
    You consume the last of a biscuit.
    Dragaxus says to you, "You know you're quite sexy when you do that."
    Amatoria spits crumbs all over, "You're just saying that."

    Typically, 9 times out of 10 in TEC you are bored you just dont realize it because your brain functions at a higher rate and it keeps you from thinking about the possibility that you are simply sitting there doing absolutely nothing.

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    I know what you're talking about. It's a good while I don't really go to an event, so maybe things got changed, but often I found myself amused by the sudden change of behavior found in some characters at events. One example, people who wouldn't have blinked if someone was disemboweled before their eyes, suddenly rushing in thoughts with 'What's wrong, urchin?' or 'How can I be useful, merchant I never saw before?'.
    That strays from the topic, true.
    I got some bonus points over the years, and it was just by roleplaying my char as I usually do, so I don't know what good RP is all about.
    And I noticed a prevalence of the same names in the top ten too, but that could be because those people actually go to all events with the appropriate chars. Don't know about that either.


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      If I would be RP'ing for 'bonuses' or anything of the sort, I wouldn't be here. I do it because I enjoy it, I don't care about those 'bonuses'.

      I can count on two hands all the BP's that I have gotten in the past 4 years. How come? I rarely go to events and when I do, I rarely get BP's because I don't try to suck up to the GM's, I only play my char's role.

      Giving BP's may encourage RP'ing, but in my case, it doesn't change anything.

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        I've definately noticed that there are a few people (mostly top 10 list-ers) that muscle their way in to the lead role of every event that they go to, even if the event doesn't make any sense for their character to be at, which of course means that the GMs notice them because they are playing the 'primary' character in that event.

        I've only recieved 1 bonus point, oddly enough it was with a brand new character, but that was because I got lucky by helping out a character that everyone else ignored, and that character happened to be a GM.


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          can count on two hands all the BP's that I have gotten in the past 4 years.
          Oh yeah? I can count the number of bps I've gotten over th past 5 years on one hand. 8)

          But for the same reason you gave. In my eyes, most events a pointless information constantly flowing on screen and you have to be speed reader just to stay with it. I prefer rping with a selecting few and actually have a good time and not be bored at an event because I can't keep up with the fast scrolling screen.
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            I deffinately see where you're coming from, but I don't think there's much that can be done about it. I think I've gotten 4 bp's in the time I've been here (four years). However, I know the GM's are over-extended. They're trying hard to keep everything on track and add new stuff. I'm sure they'd love to browse around the gameworld when they see fit and say "oh, he's rping. I'll give him a bp.", but I doubt the time restraints really allow that.
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              If they take the time to read the IG mail, I'm sure that they can spend a few minutes 'ghosting' at the Toga and other crowded places.

              Or they could even put an invisible character there which would record everything and they could read some of it?

              Love is not lost, it dies like all things do...Buried in the backyard where a lone dove cries and waits for broken wings to fly again someday.


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                I agree, I don't think the GMs really have the spare time to go along, see who roleplays everyday, and give them BP...

                Now, they can ask for volunteers to do that... *eyeshift*

                But that could and probably would get messy.


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                  4 years.

                  Not a single BP.

                  Am I a bad roleplayer? If I'm any judge, I'd say no, I'm a good one. I've been complemented on it several times.

                  But do I attent many events? Not at all. I've been to 2 in the last year.

                  I make my characters with a destinct personality in mind. It happens that my main character now is not a "take charge" person. And would rather assist someoen in doing something, than actually just doing something. At the 2 eevnts I've been to in the last year, I kept to the back of the crowd, gave my two cents when I felt appropriate and acted like she always does.

                  I don't go out of my way to "roleplay" at an event, because when I play the game I am roleplaying. From the time I log into my character(s) to the time I log out. I explore, I converse, I hunt, and I spend time with my friends.

                  And one thing I've always done, that no one I've ever seen really does, is I pretend that the NPCs are people just like any other PC.

                  A constables eyes you apraisingly.
                  You blush
                  A clerk tells you, "We are holding this and that for you."
                  You smile to a bank clerk, "Thank you. You could put all the spare coin lying around in my account. I wouldn't mind."

                  No one around but me, the constables, and the clerk. Because if I'm not consistant, then it isn't fun for me. It takes away from the feeling of "being there".

                  I think that BP should never be given at Events. Events should be for the enjoyment of the playerbase and the GM staff. Not for people to grub for rewards.

                  Instead the GMs should skim the gameworld, observing people while they are idle and rewarding the people that are doing one of 3 things.

                  1) Adding to the gameworld and the enjoyment of others.

                  2) Good Roleplaying even though they think no one special is watching.

                  3) Good Roleplaying with random GM characters (descised as reletive newbies).

                  My 2 cents, as always.


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                    Indeed, I also think that BP shouldnt be given at events, perhaps that will stop all the 9 line long emotes etc. when trying to listen to instrustions/stories of a GM char. The only BP's that should be given out are the ones that you get when you think on one is watching, because thats where the good roleplayers are to be found.
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                      The top-ten list often has the same people in month after month. I'm not criticising the GMs decisions to reward these people as I'm sure they earned their BPs - I've rped with many of them and I agree, they are excellent rpers. However, I'd quite like to know how many people earn rewards away from scheduled events. I'm British and work weekends so in general events are completely impossible for me to attend. Both of the BPs I have earned have been at events I stayed up late for.

                      All I'm saying is that those of us who don't have the ability to get to events or who play characters they feel are unsuitable for certain events, would like to be rewarded too. For me it's not so much the actual reward of rolepoint gain after 10 bonus points as I get plenty of rolepoints with my premium account. It's really a confidence thing - we non-eventers would like to know we're doing something right!

                      I realise at the moment there probably isn't the GM manpower to be patrolling the gameworld as regularly as everyone would like, I'd quite like to see it happen one day though.


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                        I won Rper of the month once, I have more then a handfull of BPs and I don't kiss GM ass, in fact several of my votes in the past have come from non event times.
                        I don't claim to be a great Rper but I claim to Rp decently and I don't kiss GM ass to get my Bps either.
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                          Iv gotten a few at non event times. I got one once for rping a really really dumb situation with a newling. It was hilarius...and in the end it was even better cause I got an bp.

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                            Originally posted by Huisden
                            Giving BP's may encourage RP'ing, but in my case, it doesn't change anything.
                            I've never been all that supportive of giving BPs at events. Mostly, because it causes people to go into overdrive, who think that emoting = roleplay. Now, I didn't say that emoting makes you a BAD roleplayer. However, an emote a second also doesn't make you a GOOD roleplayer. It also does leave to some people feeling that there is favoritism, especially when there are storylines that only 2-3 people seem to have any idea of what's going on, because they've attended every event since creation, and also have oodles of time to sit around the Toga waiting for a bored GM to wake up an NPC and interact. I don't feel that that is the actual case, but I can certainly understand how those who do perceive it that way, could.

                            I do feel there is a lot of *very* good RP that goes unnoticed. And I don't think that's because the GMs aren't aware, it's just because we have 4 GMs. You can't expect them to be coding/building/creating/monitoring/taking care of cheaters/responding to @everythings/etc AND have hours a week to sit around and watch for good RP. It's sort of a situation that doesn't have an easy solution.

                            Maybe the current GMs could schedule with each other one time each per week to monitor the gameworld for good RP. Maybe an hour each, once a week, un-announced to the gameworld. I think Japes' suggestion of RP-awards for the mail sent is a pretty decent idea, as well. Anything is certainly going to help.

                            And before I get flamed - I didn't say that anyone who went to events are bad RPers. I can understand the desire to try and fit a week's worth of roleplaying into one 3 hour event. I just don't think it gives the GMs a very accurate picture of what good roleplayers are actually out there. Most tend to get overshadowed by more aggressive characters at events, and, to be fair, there is usually only one GM at an event.

                            Oh, and for SimpleNomad - I've been a Top-10er. I've also been RPer of the Month. So, does that lend more credibility to HML's complaint for you?
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                              I've been on the top-ten list several times during the last three years, never won top-RPer, usually due to lack of time to attend events...I've got a pretty good couple of handfuls of BPs, some from events, some from just walking in at the end of an event, some for non-event times, open RP nights, and such.

                              I like going to GM events because I like our GMs and how they use their imaginations...they can do things that the rest of us can't. They can have temple ceremonies with fire and sacrifices and withering trees. They can have mobs of Ravanites flood through a door or pirates or fill in the blank.

                              Yes, I like bonus points too. Why? Because I like GSP and I like RPs and I like to make my time online and IG as efficient as possible. The premium account program has taken care of a lot of that for me, so I really don't care if I get BPs or not anymore.

                              I also like recognition, and I've gotten more BPs for being a complete boat rocker and going against those who try to 'take charge' than anything else. For even saying nasty things about them under my breath, or for actually figuring out where the person that was being searched for was and not blowing the whistle on them. There's no reason why you have to do anything other than RP your character at events. And learning how to just ignore the emote idiots and brown nosers is a great skill. The GMs are almost always more responsive to real questions and real thought and realistic RP than anything else, not gratuitous boot-licking.

                              I've even left events angry as my character because people were being such morons and I've still gotten a BP.

                              If more people participated appropriately events would be a lot more fun and a lot more rewarding.

                              But yes, I think that there could be more non-event observation going on, but Raven#s has a point...there are only 4 GMs, they are NOT Gods, not omniscient, and not omnipresent.

                              I think it's great that Japes actually said the contents of the mail really impressed them as to the quality of RP...maybe they'll take a closer look at some gathering spots and see that yes, there are a lot of really good RPers in this game. I run into them everyday, everywhere, and it's rare for me to really run into someone that I would categorically label as a 'bad roleplayer'.

                              I think this game sets the standard for what immersive roleplaying should be.
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