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    Pfft, Team Ale whomped your ass, and then after in the spirit of team ale, we got drunk at the wayfarer. Where's team Joltax now? cause team Ale is still running strong
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      You can be awarded things other than just bps. I've been awarded 10 rps for roleplaying in situations during non-event times.

      The GMs are watching. They're just simply understaffed, and can't watch as much as people would like.

      I don't approve of a change to the voting system, it's far too easy to abuse, and I don't trust folks well enough for it.

      Tempest has a point, why roleplay with the mentality of being the donkey with the carrot held in front of its' nose? Roleplay because it's a roleplaying game, not for a reward. You'll find things a whole lot better that way.

      But, in the spirit of the debate, here's an idea. For something you feel is a good idea, have a log command available that will log a significant portion of things that happened before and things that happen after you enter the command... this way the GMs have a record of the situation, and they can determine later on whether or not its' meritworthy of a BP for exceptional roleplaying. Limit it to something like you can submit five logs a month for review, or something. Waste the GMs time with silly stuff and you get access to the command removed for however long the GMs see fit.

      Just my two sens.
      Go here. Y'know you want to.

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      Originally posted by Japes
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        Nothing like being assaulted by 3 GM Senators late one night unexpectedly. Getting a slam bashed tongue lashing.

        Then afterward seeing a message on your screen saying...

        "Oh by the way, you have been awarded 25 rp."

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          Originally posted by House Satto
          Nothing like being assaulted by 3 GM Senators late one night unexpectedly. Getting a slam bashed tongue lashing.

          I have a screenshot of that *eyeshifts*

          Amatoria crams a fist full of biscuits in her mouth.
          You pick out a biscuit from some biscuits.
          You consume the last of a biscuit.
          Dragaxus says to you, "You know you're quite sexy when you do that."
          Amatoria spits crumbs all over, "You're just saying that."

          Typically, 9 times out of 10 in TEC you are bored you just dont realize it because your brain functions at a higher rate and it keeps you from thinking about the possibility that you are simply sitting there doing absolutely nothing.


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            There is alot I suppose I can add to the topic but I only wish to add my own experiences.

            I have only recieved 1 bp over 4 years. I recieved it when I was rank 10 in every sword skill there is. I went to the dumps and found someone unconscious. I didn't really even know how to play the game or roleplay for that matter. All I knew how to do was hit the dummy. Although, I stayed with the person who was knocked out and fended off the rats until someone came to help, I didn't do much roleplaying. I couldn't think of any other reason as to why I recieved a bp for that but I have done alot more than just save one person in the dumps over the passed 4 years. Being the best healer I possibly could be over the years saving people from far and between who desperately needed help and those who didn't deserve it, but I helped anyways. Sometimes I realize you have to go to events to recieve bonus points but the only one I have ever recieved was for an incident that had nothing to do with an event. I had no idea really on how to play the game when I recieved mine. In actuality, I do believe I was still under the @newbie status.

            I don't go to events. For the one reason and one reason only. I don't feel my roleplay should be recognized in a way I should recieve fan award or it. I never have felt differently. Everytime I am even closely related to an event I feel out of place and would rather be left out of it because I have more fun roleplaying without the commotion. For granted, I can't count the number of events I have been related to being in, but I never attended one of them from beginning to end. I can say though I have saved one hell of alot of people from dying in many occasions (events/ non-events) and for the most part with no recognition.
            Originally posted by Bactrian
            Only took six and a half years for us to find it, but I did.
            I thought this worth noting.

            Originally posted by Bactrian
            Who said I was taking it away?

            Originally posted by Japes
            By the way, I was the one who first used "nerf" to describe a modification to a game element. In that case, it was in regards to toning down wooden gladii which previously did as much damage as bronze or iron ones. Using that now-loaded term is becoming a cliche in TEC forums.


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              I've never gone to an event for the purpose of BPs...well..not in like 2 years. Any event I go to now, is just because the event itself sounds fun.


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                bumping this thread
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                  Originally posted by Shadius View Post
                  bumping this thread
                  I will say that things don't seem to be the same as they were back during this time. I got 13 of my bonus points between 2001 and around 2005, 90% for simply going to an event. I then got 0 bonus points for the next 12 years, and was just as on-and-off about playing as I was during those first 4 years. Over the past year I've gotten 4 more. From what I can tell, Siddhe and Cyradis at some point started watching the entire game world in order to avoid the issues being talked about in this thread, and reward people ad-hoc when they see good rp rather than only knowing to watch during an event.

                  I don't know how long they've been watching, or if others were watching before/are watching now as well. But these two at least I've seen give rp and bp rewards when I literally thought noone was paying attention. This doesn't mean I get rewards all teh time, sometimes I've spent hours doing something and thinking to myself man I'm trying my hardest hopefully I can get another bp today --- and nothing. Maybe they were offline? Maybe they felt I wasn't being true to my character and was trying to hard just to earn something? Dunno. But overall I feel they try hard to reward what they can when they see it, and there's only 2 of them. So just be consistent and try to find an IG storyline your character can build on and discuss or get into conflict with others about. I've found that simply being the strong and silent type (my favorite) doesn't get the same rewards as one who engages others with dialogue. My guess here is they notice words a lot easier than the occasional "Gydon gazes around warily"