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  • First crit kill I've ever had....

    Success: 95, Roll: 99] Stepping slightly to the side, you bring your
    quarterstave down in a forward spin and unleash several rapid strikes aimed at
    a gladiator! Critical Hit!You hear a sickening CRAAAACK as the blow snaps a
    gladiator's neck! He suffers a bruise to his face.A gladiator clutches at his
    chest, finding it hard to breathe after your quarterstave connects cleanly!
    You are no longer busy.
    TRproclaim power!

    Originally posted by Armataan
    Did I just get told Synodia was a better RPed character than Culexus?
    Originally posted by Bucaria
    The player of Synodia should be made a GM, he seems to have no favorites and hates everyone equally.


    • [Success: 5, Roll: 96] You slide both hands together near the head of your two-handed bronze axe, then snap the haft towards a gladiator! Critical Hit! a gladiator's eyes go blank after a vicious hit on the side of her head.
      A gladiator falls unconscious.

      One of my favorite crits


      • [Success: 5, Roll: 99] Stabbing a vicious-looking man suddenly with your boison gladius, you draw your arm back halfway and cut across with a follow-up slash! Critical Hit! A solid strike embeds the tip of boison gladius in a vicious-looking man's chest! It exits with the sickening sound of sundered flesh. The boison gladius cuts a red arc through a vicious-looking man's chest, leaving a lingering trail of blood in the air!