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  • A Name is Born

    So we have people who like thier favorite names, people who hate thier worst names, but how did those people come up with the names? Were they 14 and just saw it while reading through a manual? Was it from the random name generator? Was it made up through a complicated process? Did they just make it up and thought it sounded neat? Please. Feel free and share.


    Akro's name? I remember watching alot of scary movies about a year ago, trying to find one to make me do more than just jump a little. Didn't really work... but aside from that. My sister had a way of dealing with something whenever anything scary happened (which she doesn't do anymore.. sadly..) which was whenever she say anything scary, she'd scream out, "Ack!" even if it wasn't really that scary.. she wouldn't jump.. or anything, just Ack! Which was the start of Akrondis' name. How'd I figure out the rest? Not a clue..

    Mishima? I thought it sounded a bit like Wishy Washy and Pishaw. - eh - muh.

    Interesting much?

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    Squashed my hand into the keyboard, cleaned up the result, and Rythgen was born. It's how I do every character name. 8)


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      Alsask - Garlick came up with it. The background for the character already existed before I made him.
      Menaxus - Read the other thread.
      Erais - Sounded good to me?
      Relevant to most forum threads.


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        Someone mentioned Aestivan names seem to have x's,

        Noxa: nox noctis f. [night]; meton. , [sleep, darkness, gloom, death]. Abl. form as adv. noctu, [by night].

        Lexocyp from @random-name.


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          I wanted a name with 'ea' or 'ae' in it.. After much debating, I decided on 'Theace', only to have it pointed out to me afew weeks later "roffle 'The' 'Ace'".


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            Attica, because it's the best province in Greece, according to Ilione's player.

            I never named it after the prison, thanks.

            Mikare - Well, blame this on HML. Micare means 'shimmery(ing?)' in Latin. We hated the 'C', and replaced it with a 'K'.

            What's really funny about that is Mikare's full name means Shimmering Shadow of the Night. And I didn't mean for it to turn out that way.


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              This pretty much describes how I come up with my character names.


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                Random dictionary finger pointing gave me 'Morose'.


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                  My friend's brother's name is Anastas, but everyone calls him Taso. They're Greek, and Greeks are neat.

                  I n33d nak3d Gr33k wom3n?


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                    Irine is my first charachter, so I searched through Roman names and picked one that I liked. Irene meant peace and I just changed the look of it a little.


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                      Used to steal them all from WarCraft games, this one is from WarCract II

                      Now I splice together names from @random-name

                      I pick one half of two first names, put them together, same with last


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                        Gisela is an obnoxious, but sweet, Mexican cook.

                        I rolled Gisela, Gisella, and Gizella all at the same time for a while, and Gizella came out on top, stats wise. Gisela was my first pick at the time, but now that her personality is more fleshed out, I think Gizella fits well.


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                          Cyrillicus- A sloppy Latin bastardization of the Cyrillic alphabet.

                          Iraetus- Wrathful...was supposed to be a joke, he never lost his temper.

                          The World is a Ghetto.


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                              I think, I finally know who Gizella reminds me of IRL.

                              Carson from Queer Eye