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    Andrew was an Auxilii. He wasn't a criminal.

    Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if it was never released. No use working up anger, excitement, outrage, or joy unless it's functioning. Even then, i.e. RV, it can be taken away without rhyme or reason.



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      Originally posted by HouseAndrew View Post
      Even then... it can be taken away without rhyme or reason.
      I am pretty sure Bactrian could bust mad rhymes with Mike D and me.


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        Originally posted by Theodulus View Post
        I've been told, I wont be getting one for the death of Theodulus, since it was a Justice PK and not a KISH....

        But, If anyone knows what Theodulus was Pked for... I mean.. think about it... and I think I deserve a package deal for the death of my character just as much as the guy who pissed off someone enough to buy a 2000 rps Kish on him.... Anyone agree or disagree? Theodulus died without ever having any prior court issues, first time he went to court, he was sentenced to a for sure death. I dunno how many other people had characters that died from Justice PK that feel they deserve the same payback as everyone else, but I guess we don't... *sigh*
        Are the rules same today???? NO VET PACKAGE FOR JUSTICE KILLS????


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          i believe you get one vet package for justice pk per account.
          Originally posted by urek23
          On a scale from spawning-monsters-is-an-event to three-armors-fit-in-a-sack-on-purpose, how useless am I?



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              Who is eligible for a Veteran Character Package
              1. Any character ended via the END command (under ANY circumstances), will NOT be awarded a free VC package.
              2. Any character that is killed off via GM assistance at the player’s request, will NOT receive a free VC package.
              3. Any character that is already a previously awarded VC due to a “justice PK”, will NOT receive a free VC package if they are yet again the victim of a “justice PK” (for clarification, being declared EotR? AND being killed due to this status is considered a “justice PK”).
              4. Any character that is a victim of a player awarded PK, WILL be awarded a free VC package.
              5. Any character that is killed via a “justice PK” WILL be awarded a free VC package as long as it does not conflict with a previously stated rule.
              6. Any character killed by a GM due to an event or story arc (initiated by the GM) WILL be awarded a free VC package.

              We have discussed and are planning implementation of a new system that will somewhat affect #2 in this list.

              The new command will be @chopping-block, which will give the player the ability to add a character of theirs to a list of characters they are willing to have die by GM intervention. Adding a character to this list will not guarantee a character will be targeted to be killed off by a GM and be awarded a VC package, but it will allow us to see if characters that are involved in any events we hold are on this list, and if appropriate, are willing to have that character killed during the course of the event. If this happens, the player of that character WILL be awarded a VC package for the death of that character.

              We want to make it very clear that just because you haven't added your character to the chopping block, your characters are NOT immune to dying at the hand of a GMNPC. For example, if your character is NOT on the chopping block yet decides to blatantly throw themselves into situations that would result in death, they can still die at the hand of a GMNPC. In these situations we will make every effort to ICly warn the character in question, that if they continue their actions, death is a very real possibility. If they continue after such "warning", the next step could very well be the death of that character. And if a character dies is this fashion, they will, of course, be eligible for a VC package.