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  • A big kudos and thank you to the GM who hosted the auction this evening; it was very thoughtful and well planned. I was pleasantly surprised to have found something that befits my character.


    • It was a pretty freakin' neat auction. Was surprised at the variety and stuff for the prices. Despite the complaints about the restriction I think it helped, and some items still went pretty high.

      Really though, fantastic on being more then just what everyone asks for. Things like the wind chimes and the tobacco box are much more awesome! The tiles were a neat touch. It was the first time my character saw stuff for sale he really really wanted, not just "that would be neat, but not for me".

      I hope the promised "expensive" auction to come is as neat, despite not being able to afford another "cheap" one for a while.


      • i hate that it was restricted, and im still curious what the money limit actually was but, i do want to say good job on doing a restricted auction
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        Originally Posted by urek23
        Rules only apply to specific people, something everyone that plays will learn very shortly after they start.


        • 40 talent bank accounts is what I am guessing.


          • It was definitely nice to go to an auction and not have to try and compete with patrician sized bank accounts. Kudos to whichever gm put this on. It's was fun.


            • Keep speculating the limit. It wasn't that low.

              Anyway, I'm glad you all enjoyed it. It served its purpose.

              Even ridiculously wealthy merchant house patrician families in Iridine care that the less affluent in the city look & smell lovely and have pretty baubles!


              • Big time kudos to Sceadu and Cyradis for helping me get my original account back up and running. I'd have never been able to do it without the help I received.

                Getting my old character back is like getting back a family member or long lost friend. Might sound a little sappy, but there it is. I put a LOT of time and emotion into building that character. Now he's back. I'm stoked.

                Thanks again.
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                • Kudos to Tale i know it is late but thank you for changing quillion block i refused to learn that for 8 years because a sword wouldn't have one for at least 200 years.
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                  • You'll Never Take Our Chicken!

                    Kudos to chicken battle. You know who you are.


                    • Kudos to Uzak for taking care of an @request and getting baldrics to echo their proper description when returning a weapon to them. This has bothered me for years. Thanks!

                      Kudos to Sceadu for fixing my WA issue this morning with logging into the gameworld.
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                      • Kudos to Raphael for helping knock out Mausx's trial and awarding vet char quickly.


                        • Kudos to Raphael for being snazzy.
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                          • Kudos to Uzak for fixing typos and weird grammar mistakes everywhere.


                            • I've been reporting the "silhuette" typo since the clinton administration! fix that one!

                              Edit: Uzak fixed it. Good job, Uzak!
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                              • Kudos to Busillis for looking into the round time issue. Don't know who fixed it, but it's fixed now. Thanks!
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