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The Badgers Seek Playwrights, Actors, Song-writers, Musicians, and Artists!

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  • The Badgers Seek Playwrights, Actors, Song-writers, Musicians, and Artists!

    Now that the Library is open, the Badgers want to help usher in a new era of art and culture in the Republic!

    We are looking to offer patronage to Iridine residents, both citizens and foreigners, who will help to revive and promote the arts in the Republic. We are looking especially for playwrights, actors, song-writers, and artists.

    Pieces written by our clients will be performed by our clients as well! The Badgers will sponsor public performances and exhibitions of all such art.

    If you are interested, talk to Leo, Miri, or Jins.

    [OOC: This is especially geared towards creative players, or non-com characters who are artistic and want to shine! Looking for art pieces that fit the character and setting of Midlight. You can base them on RL Roman/Greek art, for inspiration, but tailor it to meet the TEC setting.]
    I used to be a gladiator like you. Then I took a round-strike to the neck.

    Originally posted by, on "Pottermore"
    But if there is real, player vs player dueling enabled, a whole realm of emergent-gameplay opportunities open up that can be used to wreck everything for everyone. We already know how this will play out - wrecking a community isn't a new hobby, not since the Vikings invented player-killing in the eighth century