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    I'll make an effort to push the following project for the next while.

    Basically I'd like to crowdsource the PB to flesh out concepts in the gameworld that exist in theory, but have little tangible substance to them, in the form of stories and legends.

    This is much like the library content, but more specific in scope. I would also appreciate "contemporary" stories as well: Any events or interactions IG that might be forgotten at this point, which can be summarized in a story format.

    For each category, I will be using players to help manage submissions. For now I am just starting out with one category. From there, once the manager has forwarded submissions to me, I will work with the writer to adapt and edit them for continuity prior to widespread release.

    RP awards for submissions will be given out as well.

    1 -- Erealite Lore

    We will be filling some gaps in Erealite lore, providing background for stories and legends outside of the known Priestess Iridine and Creation stories. This is to be public lore: Stories that the Cult of Ereal (or one of its accepted counterparts) endorses and has allowed to remain accessible to the people.

    Xianna will be the go-to on this: She will be posting more specific guidelines and suggestions later today.


    I am leaving this thread open, but I would prefer to limit it to announcements and posts from the managers and myself as much as possible. Feel free to start a separate discussion thread for comments, criticism and topic suggestions. If it becomes cluttered, I'll be more restrictive.

    This has been done from time to time in the past, but from what I've seen usually results in a couple documents leaking IG and the rest being forgotten about. Now that we have the infrastructure and precedent of the library, I think we can be a lot more successful and leave it open to everyone down the road.

    Thank you for your input!

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    An old example that I think might give some inspiration:

    Origin Story of the Monlon Vigiles


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      The guidelines so far that I'm looking for with this project are fairly simple:
      • The Cult of Ereal states there is ONE god and one god only, though Priestess Iridine is certainly held in extremely high regard second only to him. The moons have no special significance at all, much less represent any sort of entity -- divine or otherwise.
      • Erealite magic = Good. All other magic = Bad.
      • In general, people believing in other gods are thought to be backwards, provincial, superstitious, misguided, or even delusional if not outright dangerous.
      All submissions should reflect this.

      My notion has always been that Twilight is a sort of underworld or limbo for those who didn't receive proper rites and/or have either rejected Ereal or were rejected by him, but so far it has never really been defined from an Erealite perspective. So...specific request for submissions in this vein I would love to see are:
      • the origin of Twilight itself and its relationship to the world of the living
      • the nature and symbolism of the owls that carry away the manes inside Twilight and how they relate to Ereal
      • how to avoid becoming a 'lost' soul trapped in Twilight

      Other suggestions for some specifics include a listing of Virtues espoused and encouraged by Erealite faith, both public and private, and a guide for personal devotions -- shrines in the home, pilgrimages, making offerings, etc. Or anything else of that flavor that would be the sort of thing good Erealite children would learn at the temple's equivalent of Sunday School.

      Ereal's many shrines:
      There are lots of little and not so little shrines all over that need to have some kind of history and/or significance attributed to them.

      General submissions:
      • Prayers, poems of glorification, etc. to both Iridine and Ereal
      • Stories of signs or wonders performed by Ereal, his priests, or other followers
      • Anecdotal stories from past events that could be used to expand Erealite lore (seen through an Erealite filter so to speak). These don't necessarily have had their focus on Ereal or the Cult (or Soldiers of Ereal), but could still be used to add depth to the state religion.

      This is all just a starting point, as things come in we will update this thread. Remember, this is all for lore approved by the Cult for public consumption, so stories of rampant corruption in the Temple, SoE, etc. would be buried deep in the temple archives, never to see the light of day. Much like your submissions will end up if you go that route. ;D

      You can PM your submissions here to Xianna. I'll do my best to check them at least once a day and get feedback to those who send things in. If this starts to prove inadequate, I'll update the thread with an email to use.
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        I'll send you stuff in multiple parts. I'm hitting that 1,000 character limit and am struggling to trim.
        Nothing much to say.


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          Gah. I didn't realize the character limit was quite that restrictive. Here's an email to send submissions to for longer ones:

          Sorry about any difficulty there!
          I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns. (Winston Churchill)


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            Just to clarify:

            Since the moons do not represent any sort of significance or any particular entity, does that mean that in the accepted lore, Ravan and the others do not exist at all, even as enemies or opponents of Ereal? Does that mean there is no devil-like figure in official Erealite lore? Only Ereal, and no mention at all of anything else? If that is the case, what is the source of evil or struggle in the context of Erealism? Or is that part of what we need to come up with ourselves?

            P.S. - I've sent you an email.
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              The moons are, as it was explained to Xianna, "nothing but rocks in the sky". The moon gods are FALSE gods. Period. End of story. For example, how Xianna says, "The moons are really impressive, but so are mountains. But everyone but the Parcines would think worshipping a mountain was silly." (No offence to my Parcine friends out there. ) There is no Aera, Invex, Lucifal, or Ravan. They are the superstitious stories of a dead civilization that refuses to have the good grace to lay down and just die already. (Remember, this is the 'Erealite filter' of reality. I am not bashing on anyone's characters for believing different. )

              To this end, there is nothing in official Erealite lore that is a single evil entity opposing Ereal. The struggle then is inside each man's soul, to embrace Ereal's Light embodied by Ereal himself and to spread that Ereal-given Light to the rest of the world (e.g. Ereal the Conqueror). (This is also where we need a full list of Virtues to help define this.) What makes a man evil is the wholesale rejection of Ereal and his Light. Ereal is the father of man, so it would be the equivalent to turning against one's blood and rejecting them, something that a culture like that of TEC would find anathema. It would also be rejecting everything that the lawful civilization of Iridine was founded on, rejecting all their core principals and values.

              If you re-read the Creation Story which is canon lore and available in the gameworld help files, some of these virtues represented include selfless service, curiosity (discovery of knowledge and understanding), fidelity, love, compassion, tolerance, and duty. I'm sure I could glean more out of it, but I'd like to see what other people have to add if they like, too.

              This is how I've been interpreting it through Xianna with some guidance from her NPC superiors. I'm sure if I'm off-base here, Kneller will clarify.
              I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns. (Winston Churchill)


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                Just giving this a bump.

                Lore submissions are still being taken at erealitelore at gmail dot com.

                Prayers, shrine backgrounds, stories, parables, whatever floats your boat. Send it in and it will be considered.
                I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns. (Winston Churchill)


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                  The creation story also does a few things all at once, to anybody bothering to think as they read it.

                  World is an entity with thoughts/emotions.

                  World is not Ereal.

                  World existed before Ereal came to her.

                  World gave birth to the children of the world.

                  World does not get mentioned anywhere else in erealite lore outside of the birthing story.

                  World is -abandoned by Ereal after she ruts with him-.


                  Hordini: Evil comes from the absence of Ereal's light. There is no intelligence or malignance otuside of his light, there is just a collapse of morality or ethics or culture or art because they come from him, he brings them.

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                    Originally posted by Armataan View Post
                    World is -abandoned by Ereal after she ruts with him-.
                    nope, world is "abandoned" by Ereal, after world starts pmsing on Ereal, and Ereal says nuts to this, and takes a walk, but comes back, that's what winter is.

                    but world isn't abandoned, just given some space.


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                      reread the story.
                      'the time of darkness' is covered when Ereal leaves World, and does not return.

                      Winter is explained as a brief absence of Ereal, but 'don't worry, because he isn't completely gone, just spends less time with us, and he promised he'll never completely walk away like he did before again.'

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                        Originally posted by Armataan View Post
                        reread the story.
                        'the time of darkness' is covered when Ereal leaves World, and does not return.
                        if you're talking about the time when priestess Iridine had to bring him back, that was not from rutting with world, that was from his children giving the finger to him, and all turning to the darkness, and other "gods".


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                          Oh. I see. ?Creation has changed from what it used to be. Neato.

                          the ?creation story used to be different, you can still find that story in the palyer's guide, and it is in text form in the game in various places too.

                          Neato altering of the story though. Also explains the sudden obsession with the term 'shephard' by all of the Erealites in the game.

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                            I don't mind to have the old cult knowlenge reworked, I would add that it is a necessity but do we have to ignore the past creation story? Is it a new 'official creation story'?
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                              I am treating it like Genesis and Exodus until told otherwise. Two stories that ninety percent of people think are the same story, but 10% recognize have completely separate 'facts'

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