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An idea to make the pretty animal pelts/hides useful

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  • krisslanza
    It could be done in a way that Stromheim just might be the "best" place to do it, or charge the least.

    And clearly Cap takes all the animal parts to snuggle with every night, because as an NPC, his entire life revolves around animal parts...

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  • Hordini
    I dig the idea, and I think it would be interesting to maybe offer different things in RV and Stromheim, and maybe in Iridine as well. There are ways of gaining access to Stromheim that don't involve learning Blackroot.

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  • Saraphene
    I really love this idea. I've often wondered, having a woodsie/hunter, "Just WHAT does Cap do with these?" Though I would suggest it somewhere OTHER than the Nehal village. Maybe just RV itself? I say this because I would love for the whole playerbase to have access to it, not just the select few that can access Stromheim. (No offense to those who did their work and got the language or what-have-you.)

    Also suggestion to include some equipment, like backpacks, in addition to the clothing items. Larger items, such as cloaks or paenulas, could also be done. SOME things could be made into household goods, like blankets, pillow coverings and whatnot. I realize Stromheim has a few of these already, but it would be nice for ANY larger critter to be available, not just ram, wolf, or bear, I think?

    The cost could be directly proportionate to the size of the item and/or the difficulty of the pelt to use. (ie, it would be easier to line something with fur than stretch a reptile skin over it, such as boots.)

    Just my two cents! A GREAT idea though, truly.

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  • zeldaiscool
    There is a guy there that is a tanner already but all he does is mount heads and charges 750 tokens for it.. Be nice if the expanded his code to add that stuff.

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  • roast
    I like it.

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  • An idea to make the pretty animal pelts/hides useful

    1. Make a shop in the Nehal village.
    2. Have stock items such as boots, gloves, hats, belts, etc. for sale.
    3. Have the stock items inherit the description of a pelt or hide.

    For instance, you offer a shop keeper a soft, velvety black pelt. You choose which item you want it applied to. You could also choose a way it would be applied. Such as a lining or an edging or an accent. You pay your money and get a semi-custom item.


    Ravenlark offers a soft, velvety black pelt to Shopkeeper Guy.

    Shopkeeper Guy asks Ravenlark, “What do you want me to do with this?”

    Ravenlark says to Shopkeeper Guy, “I want a pair of gloves.”

    Choose your adjective:

    1. Edged
    2. Lined
    3. Accented

    The cost for a pair of gloves edged with soft, velvety black fur comes to a billion denars. Do you accept (y/n)?

    Shopkeeper Guy hands you a pair of gloves edged with soft, velvety black fur.

    Or, conversely:

    buy boots

    What do you want added to your boots? (offer pelt/hide to shopkeeper)

    Ravenlark offers a splotchy black and crimson scaly hide to Shopkeeper Guy.

    The cost for a pair of splotchy black and crimson scaly hide boots comes to a zillion denars. Do you accept (y/n)?

    Shopkeeper Guy offers Ravenlark a pair of splotchy black and crimson scaly hide boots.

    This would be, I feel, a relatively quick work around to having to create a skill that utilizes pelts and hides, and would allow for more semi-custom items to be released ig without the assistance of GMs past the initial coding of the shop.

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