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Calling ALL Performers!

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  • Calling ALL Performers!

    If you happen to have a character with artistic interests, please PM me as well.

    We are going to open up new avenues for role-playing by featuring individuals who can do the following:
    • Artwork
    • Singing
    • Dancing
    • Poetry
    • Magic Tricks
    • Gymnastic/Physical Feat Exhibitions (Non-Martial)
    • Instrumentalists
    • Comedians
    • Storytellers/Actors
    • Jugglers
    • And much more...!

    My online times may not always intersect with those of the people who play characters with the aforementioned talents. We'll use PMs initially for me to at least have an idea of who you play and what times you are typically on. From there, I'll endeavor to arrange ways for us to meet ICly and move this forward. :-)

    Thank you!