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  • Attribute Potential Increase

    So using December's promotion i just have to ask. Is there any way to increase none combat stats like you do in the training courses with combat stats? Other than that one that cost 50 story points.

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    I think some of them can be done in the library, but I haven't used it since it was first released.
    Originally Posted by Herdias86
    [Success: 5, Roll: 58] You step forward, grasping your retalq axe in one hand tightly and lifting it above your head, before striking downwards in a powerful blow aimed at a gladiator! Critical Hit! Thrust to the face leaves a gladiator bleeding profusely from the cheek!
    Originally posted by ArchMagi
    your chopping motion turned into a straight thrust, cool trick that.
    Troll Fail level OVER 9000!

    Originally posted by glenh
    True, and i guess it could kill my character if i argue too much with you.
    Sooooo much win!


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      Random increases from using skills that make a check on the stat in question. This takes ages, but it's your only way currently.