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Twohanded swords as a weapon

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  • Twohanded swords as a weapon

    I like the idea, of a TWOhanded, Battle-Sword; or Claymore... or something like that.... Or, Twohanded Sword; something like this..

    Useable only by NELSOR and basic gladius; like an Altene Doublemace in str... but just as fast as basic gladius; without a shield... having only sword blocks..

    Make it like... as strong as a two handed axe or something, but just as fast, maybe a little slower..

    Whatever is necssary so that.... a user of a Twohanded Sword using Nelsor; would be in par with a Panker, or Spearsman, or Twohanded axer, with same ranks.

    Give the twohanded sword enough dmg to be on par in the GM dummy room; practice room; with other two handed weapons....

    Sounds good to me

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    If anyone else like this Idea..... @request the GMS to make, a sword that is twohanded; and when using nelsor with same ranks as a twohanded axer, or spearsman; or panker.....

    THen, add to the Nelsor trainer, (Twohanded Sword blocks) For twohanded only; by copy/pasting sword blocks from gladius set, and then naming them Twohanded Sword only Nelsor Blocks... added to the nelsor list..

    BAM, new skill and weapon set (sorta...)

    Make it equal to twohanded axes in the dummy fighting room.


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      Maybe a little stronger, since there isn't the benefit of Ankleflop, RT which allows a hit to a laying target's neck like twohanded axes.. so make equally strong in dmg as twohanded axes... so that the twohiter move adds dmg to make up for the fact you cannot knockdown/flop/hit neck, like you can with twohanded axes.. makes sense to me.


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        Since my main character uses Nelsor exclusively, I felt compelled to comment on this. I don't much like the idea of a complete overhaul of multiple skill sets I've put a lot of work into. People have @requested two handed swords in the past, and were largely denied because they're not historically accurate to Roman time period. It takes a lot more metal to make a 2 handed sword versus a one handed, and that type of combat really came about during the medieval era due to the implementation of plate armor to replace chainmail. This armor type worked well enough to discourage the use of shields, as they were no longer as necessary, but the additional power needed to cleave through said armor made the two-handed swords more needed.

        Here are a few different articles talking about how two handed swords didn't really appear until the 1500-1600's era, although a few notable exceptions have dated back to the 12th and 13th century.
        Originally posted by Marren


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          it wouldn't really be an overhaul of nelsor... nelsor would work exactly the same, with gladius and shields...

          all you do, is create a weapon that has enough DPS that it compares fine against someone with shields, but not as good...

          So, that you would just need to rank up sword blocks after 100, your defenses wouldn't be as good as the guy wielding a shield.

          so that someone 200 in sword blocks, would beat someone, 100 sword blocks 50 shields.... something like that...


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            and just because two handed swords were not popular, it's not possible that they could not exist.... any smith could imagine, a two handed sword... and make one... and it get temporarily popular in the colosseum games.....


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              the way you're asking for two handed swords, is incorrect. A two handed sword is SLOW, not just as fast as a one handed sword, but doing more damage. Also, if you want something implemented try using the @feedback, or @request feature.