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Coma Ward Suggestion - Tithe

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  • Coma Ward Suggestion - Tithe

    While it's nice that the Acolytes can rouse from a coma now sometimes they're not around for the entire duration of a coma.
    I suggest that a new ability be added to the coma ward that allows players to pay a "Donation" or tithe to have a character roused early. This should only be availible to someone other than the coma victim. Perhaps have a tiered pricing structure that "bumps" the victim up on the priests rounds.
    No tithe - 48 hours
    Insignificant tithe - 100 denars - 1 hour off coma time
    Minor Tithe - 500 denars - 5 hours off coma time
    Small Tithe - 1000 denars - 10 hours off coma time
    Large Tithe - 2000 denars - 20 hours off coma time
    Generous Tithe - 5t - 40 hours off coma time
    Extremely Generous Tithe - 10t - Near instant coma revival.

    Coma sickness would still be applied after the character is roused but it would allow a player who has friends the ability to get back into the world and RP the coma sickness instead of just a no-fun 48 hour no-play time.

    Acolytes would still be able to make their rounds as usual.