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  • Enhanced Hearing

    When you "WATCH" and it says, "Someone is moving nearby to your south,"

    Is the distance you can notice them from... increased if you have "Enhanced Hearing?"

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    I can't exactly roll another char to test it... because I am on a freebie, but I would make a new char.... in the case that... this did work effectually in that cause of seeing people walking from a further distance... like a 2-4 extra paces in the forest....


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      Based on perception for sure. My Outstanding perception archer could see the drover moving from vetullan all the way in Blackvine. Not sure about Enhanced hearing. Think it's just a bonus to lip reading and yelling.


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        I think you might also be able to hear snares trip from a longer distance? It seems like a real waste of a trait.


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          So, are you affirming that you can with enhanced hearing, using WATCH Command, notice people walking further off?


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            i am on a freebie account, so i cannot make a new char to test it... can't have more than 1 freebie account.

            But thinking to delete my char, to make one with enhanced hearing, if it helps you to notice 'someone is moving *direction* distance"

            for futher distance.


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              Hunters Eye increases your sight range. Check the wiki located under player sites from the TEC website and you'll get a rundown of what traits do. There is no mention of it doing anything for sight range (since it's hearing and not sight) but I've seen stranger things in this game.