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  • Thinking of switching weapons

    So I'm currently using 1hax. I like the damage they do. And pivoting longarm's bonus is amazing. But axes have HUGE holes and lack flavor... Chop, chop, overhead chop, chop in a different way, etc.

    Trying to decide if it's better to switch to clubs or swords or whips (Yes I know they have holes too.) or to stick with axes. I hear clubs get pretty good. And swords are obviously top tier though I'd need a stance.

    Any recommendations? He's current got a couple moves to 101 and has great dex and outstanding strength if that helps.

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    I have always been a fan of OHS, but i feel they are lack luster without having the legiondary fighting skill to back them up, avros is fun but leaves alot of holes, I have seen some amazing nelsor people but that's less a shield, so I don't know what to say lol
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      Pick a weapon that interests you, they all have good things and bad things about them. Not one weapon is the best and they all have different advantages depending on what you are fighting.

      Do you want to focus on solo PVE? Group PVE? PVP low/mid tier? PVP high tier?

      If you want to have enjoyment in this game i suggest going for something that is group PVE and great at low/mid tier fighting. High Tier is great but it's also boring and it's so hard to catch up to Ciaran and Brudox. Trust me i've been trying.

      Or, pick one of the weapons that noone is currently using at the moment and become known for that. We dont have any decent tridenters or cestus users at the moment.



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        Pretty much what Syden said.

        Almost every combat skil lset is viable in PvE with good enough stats when soloing. If you're fighting with a group then every weapon is an option, but I would personally avoid the speedy weapons (because it's no fun burning all your fatigue with quick hits, then having to rest while everyone else is still left with 30% fatigue), though it's not as much of an issue at the top tier grounds.

        If you want to focus on PvP, once again all options are viable until you get top mid tier... then some completely fall off and become novelty options. Axes while boring are one of the better weapons even with the slight defensive hole, but if flair and having a better defense are your concerns, then don't go clubs. But based on what you've described, spears might be what you are looking for. They will make use of your strength, have a solid defense and offense, can approach combat in many ways, have one of each stepping attack, and you can still use your shield ranks.

        As far as tridents and cesti, both can be really fun but each has it's own unique draw backs that will make you want to rip your digital hair out. The biggest is weapon and training cost... the best weapon for each requires a large sum of funds (especially cesti) and with only 1-2 users in each, you'll be visiting Ariston regularly. Tridents are actually amazing at fighting unshielded fighters even at high tier, but against shields are forced to take the foot pin x9000 approach, to avoid running into simple block with nearly every attack. Cesti on the other hand fall of dramatically after mid tier. They are basically a less effective combo of knives and OHS, fast and capable of doing a crap ton of damage in a short period of time, but with 0 useful utilities, unreliable multi hitters, annoying bugs and an average defense, you'll basically find yourself at a disadvantage in almost every PvP instance. But if you do happen to stun someone and land triple slash twice with two good rolls, you can disable them for a few days!