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Comatose (How to get out of it?)

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    I will edit this comment and let everyone know for certain, how long this coma sickness lasts, and for how many days...

    Right now, it's been 2 days after waking out of comatose and i still have it.

    It took 48 hours roughly, to come out of comatose, and it's been 48 hours more after that that i''ve been sick, and will fill in with further details afterwards.


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      Yes, it took about 48 hours to wake up from comatose, then once awake, i had sickness that reduced my stats greatly; making training impossible, for roughly 48-72 hours and back to normal now.

      DO not use luck points if you are admitted to the ward, that is the greatest lesson here, but the good news is the GMs are able to fully recover your goods, and recovered my sack entirely.


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        It now should not be possible to use luck while comatose AND in a coma ward.
        Game Master Sceadu